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* We offer technical support (installation help if needed) but it's necessary to call us and speak directly with an
engineer so we completely understand what you need and you understand how to resolve the issue at hand.

Some still write hoping for email support. We cannot reply to these technical requests due to the many variables.

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Please review our Optima program, if you haven't, so you understand how our program works.
When you submit a request for Optima Preferred registration we'll use this information to create your file.
We'll need your credit card information to begin registration. After registration is completed we can discuss
the Optima special pricing for any of the items you wish to purchase and also place your order at that time.
Your card will not be charged for any parts without your telephone approval.

Message: Also, include the name of the item you wish to purchase.
Optima registration - Please include your shipping address if it's different from your billing address.
Please provide or call with your credit card information: card number, expiration date and card ID (3 or 4 digit number) to begin registration.


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* If those how couldn't figure out on Amazon what model to use and thought to ask us for the answer before buying
something on Amazon we don't provide this help. You'll receive a page outlining why we don't offer this kind of service.

Some messages sent to us don't arrive if our spam killer filters the senders email address or the IP address. Some people say they never received our reply or any message. We recommend you check your spam or junk folder or adjust your email settings to accept email from kriss.com

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