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We started tracking warranties for our "Entire Product Line" in 2003 when we changed to our microprocessor designs.

I've been doing this 30 years and a total of "15" warranties in the last 14 years is really exceptional, unheard of, for just about any company. These results are something of which we're very proud.

People have told us the cheap low priced Items offered on the market last about three years, meaning additional cost for replacement and labor to change the part.

Buying the cheap stuff -
Not so smart!

Our numbers show you can expect trouble free service for many years, saving you money.


YES, these are the real and verifiable numbers.
Total Warranties
1986 - 2016
Most warranties have been for external parts like a plug or sensor.
1986 - 2002
This 16 yr period
there are no records
Our original product line during this time. Averaged about 5-6 per year.
2003 - 2009
This 7 yr period
records not itemized
We produced the new advance technology products. This period averaged about one (1) per year


Jul 2010
Remote light sensor replaced for a headlight modulator.
Jun 2011
Dec 2011

Vendor Plug on bulb replaced for a headlight modulator
LED unit didn't work for the customer. This could have been due to incorrect installation. We couldn't duplicate problem in lab but still sent him a new unit.
Jul 2013
Sep 2013
Wire came loose at diode connection in hazard flasher. Simple re-soldering.
Remote light sensor replaced for a headlight modulator.
May 2014
Pin on microprocessor socket needed to be re-soldered.
Dec 2015
Replaced an electronic component on the circuit board.
We'll list any should they arrise.

See above for first 16 yrs out of 30
(these last 14 years )
Jan 2003 - Mar 2017
"15" Total warranties
in the last 14 years.

KRISS - Built to last, Advanced Technology, Reliability you can count on.


We came across this post on a forum about a Can-Bus modulator.

I bought a xxxxxxxxx modulator for my '08 K1200GT. It did not work, so they sent me another. It didn't work either, and they couldn't figure out why, so yet another was sent. After it didn't work, I gave up on modulating the main headlight, so they sent me two of the smaller modulators (don't have the number handy) to put on the driving lights that I had installed. They worked great for about 6 months, then quit working. Ah, well.

We removed the company's name to protect the guilty.



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