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Current updates based on customer installation/feedback

Our H7 LED modulator works properly on 2016 Magnum without any Can-Bus faults.
It was installed on the High Beam. Our Freedom Brake Flasher also functioned properly.


The manufacturer page can be confusing to many people due to the number of listings included on the page. Not all newer
models are found in the tables. For simplicity and ease of locating what's needed for your motorcycle we suggest you use the
navigation bar and go directly to our Double Eagle or P Class Modulator pages and chose the picture of
the style headlight that most closely resembles that of your bike. Use that link to navigate directly to the appropriate page.

Brake and Signal items use the links from the navigation bar.

Brake light flashers normally aren't compatible with the Indian Can-Bus electrical system.
We can provide you information how to use our Freedom Brake Light Flasher on this bike.

Sorry, it requires purchasing one of these units before we provide installation and operation information.

If you still would like to examine the Victory tables use this link.

For older NON Can-Bus models use a standard modulator found on the Headlight Modulator pages.

The later model Victory and Indian models with Can-Bus electrical systems are often NOT compatible with a headlight modulator.


We have the latest, largest and most complete application list of motorcycle headlight bulbs going back to the 1990's.
We don't have the page length to publish it on our web site. If you don't know what bulb is in your motorcycle and want a
headlight modulato
r please call us and while placing your order we'll check the list so you get the right part.

Our telephone number is found here


Many of the later Victory and all of the Indian motorcycles from Polaris using
a Can-Bus system are not compatible with the use of a healight modulator.
If we find a few select models that accept our units we'll post it on the page.





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