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Works in conjunction with your reliable factory designed turn signal system.
Rather than replace your stock flasher and modify the stock switch with
unreliable springs our unit simply
cancels the stock turn signal flasher.
Simple!It Works great!Will last the life of your motorcycle!

You might find something out there that's cheaper but you won't
find anything as easy or works as well. Our turn signal cancel unit
is worth every penny you spend for this great accessory. Honest!

Our question - why would you spend your money on something not as good?



2 unique digital controlled cancel times you can easily change at any time.

Works with incandescent bulbs and even LED's

Will it work on my motorcycle? This basic question is easily answered.
Got a 12 volt electrical system? Got a signal switch on the left handlebar?
If you answer yes to these questions you're good to go.





Not for BMW, Harley or other European Can-Bus electrical systems unless noted

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Item Part # TS5007


Part #TS5007
(includes HD upgrade normally $20)





What you need to know!
It's easy to build a device that turns on and flashes a number of times then stops. It's entirely different to build something that monitors a circuit, counts the flashes and turns the circuit OFF. That's what we do. Our cancel unit is the only one operating this way and it's why we can monitor your stock turn signal and turn it OFF without the need to modify your handlebar switch and replace the flasher. You keep your stock factory system and let the Kriss Turn Signal Cancel unit work with it as a team.

We keep it simple. You want and need simple turn signal cancellation. We came out with our first unit in the 1990's with a redesign to our microprocessor controlled unit in 2003. It has a long record of doing what it's supposed to do "Working the first time and lasting a lifetime". Our unit isn't complicated with fancy bank angle sensors, acceleration and deceleration sensors or measuring the force during a turn. Is all of this needed to simply turn off the signals when you forget? Not really.

Choose the best with a Kriss Panther Turn Signal Cancel.

Choose from two different cancel times to suit your own riding style.
Microprocessor programming code offers you different Turn Signal Programs

Turn Signal Programs - 2 Different choices.
If you prefer a shorter or longer cancellation time there are two different settings to meet your riding style, 15 or 23 flash cancel time. Either of these is quite
Cancels the turn signals using the most intelligent software design available which turns OFF the lights. It does "NOT" leave the signal "ON steady" or the turn
indicator on as other brand on the market. (Note: regarding Honda front dual filament bulbs)
There's a cancellation override while braking or sitting at an intersection with the brakes applied so it won't turn off the signals when you need them
operating. You don't have to keep resetting the unit before making the turn. After releasing the brakes to begin your turn the unit starts timing again and when it
reaches it's limit the signals turn off. It provides you well enough time to complete the turn. The shut off period depends on the program setting you selected.

See Specifications

Please check out "Circuit Board Details" below.



This customers video does a great job showing how the unit works.

I had the opportunity to install yesterday the signal cancellation module that you folks make .
I did pretty much everything that you folks suggest in your instructions and the module went in exactly the way it should.  Worked first time I tried it and I am very pleased.  Took me approximately 30 minute from start to finish.  Your instructions were very clear. Thanks for the great product.
Roy L. - Wayland, MA - 2007 Kawasaki 900LT

Read a customer comparison and field report between our Turn Signal Cancel unit and Brand X.
He was disappointed with the first unit he purchased from another company so he corrected his mistake by installing our unit.

Model Requirements: Fits motorcycles with one hand operated switch on the left handlebar. All brands of cancel units (including ours) must be reset by moving the switch to or past the center position to reset the signals. This is easily accomplished by adopting a habit pattern when activating the signals - simply push in on the switch before moving it each time you are going to use the signals. We DON'T ask you to attempt installing little springs inside your factory switch. The factory switch is well designed for years of service so don't fool with it. Use our unit as designed and you'll have the same results as shown above in #1, #2 and #3.
Not for use on motorcycles with original factory auto-cancel
Not for use on later Harley-Davidson with a button on both handlebars.

This unit cancels a stock turn signal flasher. It's not a turn signal system used
on conversions or custom built bikes to make the signals flash during a turn.


Sorry, those who purchased the other guys device and have nothing but trouble then call us asking for help we're not able to offer advice on getting it to work.


*Most motorcycles don't have a Can-Bus electrical system. Japanese models are not Can-Bus. The purchaser is responsible for familiarizing himself if the motorcycle model is Can-Bus and ordering the correct part.

* Retail $149.95. subject to change without notice.

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