I know people who are Republican. You've tried to destroy our democracy.



Trump Urges Georgia Secretary Of State To ‘Find’ Votes In Recorded Phone Call
The president told the state’s top election official that there’s “nothing wrong”
with saying the final vote count has been “recalculated.”

Richard N. Haass
Listening to the full tape of @realDonaldTrump, impossible not to wonder about long-term vulnerability of American democracy as
well as whether/how US will ever be able to promote democracy elsewhere again.

UPDATE: 03 Jan 2021- The DEPOLORABLES. It's beyond imagination his rabid Republican followers still believe in what he's doing. SHAME on all of you!

From Steve Schmidt - 02 Jan 2021

The die is cast for the Republican Party. It will be destroyed on January 6th in much the same way the Whig party was destroyed by the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854. The act unraveled the Missouri compromise and allowed for the westward expansion of slavery. The party could not survive its factionalism. There could be no more accommodation, compromise and partnership between pro-slavery and anti-slavery Whigs. A new political party was born, the Republican Party. That party will divide into irreconcilable factions on January 6th. The 6th will commence a political civil war inside the GOP. The autocratic side will roll over the pro-democracy remnant of the GOP like the Wehrmacht did the Belgian Army in 1940. The ‘22 GOP primary season will be a blood letting. The 6th will be a loyalty test. The purge will follow. Does anybody doubt the outcome of the @IvankaTrump vs. @marcorubio primary in Florida? Anyone willing to make a bet on @robportman ? It turns out JFK was right. The problem of trying to ride the tiger is the likelihood of winding up inside the tiger. The poisonous fruit from four years of collaboration and complicity with Trumps insanity, illiberalism and incompetence are ready for harvest. It will kill the GOP because it’s Pro Democracy faction and Autocratic factions can no more exist together then could the Whig Party hold together. The abolitionist with the Slave master. It won’t happen over night but the destination is clear. The Conservative party in America is dead. It may continue to bear the name “Republican” but it will be no such thing. Fascism has indeed come to America and as was once predicted it is wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. This movement must be defeated. It cannot be appeased, accommodated or negotiated with. It must be recognized for what it is and we must all recognize the new age of American politics it has wrought. It has reset the debate entirely. There are only two sides in American politics now. There is the American side and the Autocratic side. May God help us all if we falter, flag or fail in defense of American democracy.


Trump's Republicans have dumped Lincoln – they're the Confederacy now

On 06 January, the Republicans’ transition to the party of the Confederacy will be complete. A day after Georgia’s runoff elections, at least a dozen lawmakers in the Senate and more than half of the party’s House membership will seek to overturn the results of the 2020 election and disenfranchise the majority of US voters. A coup attempt in all but name, this is how democracy dies. Senators from states that were part of the Confederacy, or territory where slaveholding was legal, provide the ballast for the demands. At least one senator each from Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas is on board.

Sadly, a statement issued on Saturday by seven sitting senators and four senators-elect dispelled any doubts about the nexus between the end of the US civil war, more than 150 years ago, and Donald Trump’s desperate attempt to cling to power. Predictably, America’s racial divide again stands front and center. Apparently, Trump’s defeat at the hands of Joe Biden, formerly vice-president to the first black man in the White House, and Kamala Harris, a black woman, is too much for too many to bear. Said differently, to these Republicans the right to vote is only for some of the people, some of the time – those people being this president’s supporters.

Trump’s equivocation over Charlottesville, his debate shoutout to the Proud Boys and his worship of dead Confederate generals are of the same piece. The vestiges of an older and crueler social order are to be maintained, at all costs.

Come nightfall on 6 January, the party of Abraham Lincoln will be no more. Instead, the specters of Jim Crow and autocracy will flicker. Messrs Trump, Cruz and Hawley can take a collective bow.

Lloyd Green



Donald Trump-friendly New York Post called the president out in a surprising, scathing
editorial Sunday on his attempted “coup” attacking a legitimate, democratic election.


When I moved overseas and began reading international newspapers and talking with people it quickly dawned on me the degree of patriotic propaganda we are exposed to in the U.S. starting as a child. Someone said to me "once an expat always an expat". It's took me decades to fully understand that statement. Living overseas opens one's eyes. My grandson told me when the family moved to Shanghai, China in 2009, when he was 12 years old, and he started at the international school he quickly discovered we aren't as well thought of or as smart as we think we are. I was impressed while visiting with the diversity of children at their school when they invited me to read in a classroom. I was also impressed when traveling by train to other Chinese cities with the friendliness and polite behavior of the people and their affluence is very evident. After six years they moved to Germany for three then moved back to China. When he was 19 he said he didn't want to live in the United States. He doesn't.

A short time back a young guest writer for the Huffington Post told the story about her parents coming to America from Vietnam. She realizes there is so much racism and inequality in the United States. As she writes:
"My generation, however, is perhaps the first to see America in decline, crumbling right before our very eyes. More than a third of young adults in America believe there are better countries than the U.S. I'm one of them".  She says- "let's be honest, Trump is a symptom of the rot, not the rot itself". "I want to go somewhere where health care is considered a right, not a privilege, and where a gun isn't considered more valuable than a human life. Somewhere where my freedom isn't predicated on how much money I can funnel into the economy. Where true justice doesn't feel improbable, even impossible". "By leaving America, I'll hope I'll be able to continue that quintessential American pastime, which feels so impossible right now: to dream, and dream, and dream".

In many aspects she's correct, my son moved to France to finish his Industrial Arts education and married a French girl, then became a French citizen and when he became sick and died of Cancer his health care was a given. I visited the hospitals and doctors and contrary to what Americans believe much of the health care and doctors are just as good and in some cases better. My daughter had a much better doctor in Germany than she had in Florida.

I've had enough of the current political reality TV political S*** show. I'll take Democracy and freedom over dictatorship but dreams can turn to nightmare. My experiences are ones few people in America have witnessed or would comprehend and they by far outweigh opinions. I've always made a promise to myself not to compromise my values but at 80 I'm worried of being too old to leave. If things go wrong I'd want to sell my beautiful home in the foothills and move to another country. Done it before! But I'm afraid at my age looking for the sky under freedom might not be feasible if my health should decline. We've discussed me moving around for six months at a time to different countries. I never could have imagined being born and living my life in an essentially free country then ending up being trapped behind the wall of dictatorship. This is a tragic event in which another visionary foresaw. Plato distinguishes five forms of government: aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy and tyranny. He writes that governments devolve respectively in this order from aristocracy into tyranny.

It seems Americans have become complacent and apathetic thinking all will be fine. Many in other countries over the ages have found themselves in the same predicament to their misfortune. Plato covered the downfall of Democracy extensively in his teachings. September 2020 - "For weeks, Belarusians have filled the streets of their cities to insist that their votes are sacred. Beatings, grenades, flash bangs, arrests, torture, and disappearances by the state have neither deterred them nor driven them to violence. Some commentators have said that the United States is not yet Belarus. This is true enough, though we are closer than seemed imaginable just a few years ago. The real question is whether Americans have what it takes to be Belarusians".

This was before the election.

So, here is something to think about. Let's say you are one of those with ideological or religious views. Are you willing to give up democracy for your short term gain? I think you are but anyway here are the options:

1. Listen to the demagogue and choose the path that leads us into dictatorship. This will NOT be a short term circumstance and will set the stage for the lives of you as well as your children and grandchildren. No turning back.

. Choose a candidate you may not fully like but who'll at least resume some normalcy and protect democracy. He probably won't push through some of the policies you like or even those you don't like - that's democracy. After some legal changes are made to protect us from Trumps type of authoritarianism in the future you'll have a chance to vote for your favorite candidate next time. I hope you don't choose another Trump monster. At least there will be a next time. Our future depends on it. Please don't take things for granted. Oh yes, it really does happen.

November 2020 After the election.
Biden and Harris won the election. A battle was won but the war is probably lost. Trump had more votes than the 2016 election which means we still risk our democracy's collapse in four more years. We'll have to sit and watch as the American people tear down their own democracy in favor of autocracy. (dictatorship or authoritarianism for those of you with limited knowledge of the language).

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the Christian nationalist response to the 2020 election is that we've seen this movie before. The “stolen election” meme won’t bring Mr. Trump back into the Oval Office. But then, the birther narrative never took President Barack Obama out of office, either. The point of conspiratorial narratives and apocalyptic rhetoric is to lay the groundwork for a politics of total obstruction, in preparation for the return of a “legitimate” ruler. The best guess is that religious authoritarianism of the next four years will look a lot like it did in the last four years. We ignore the political implications for our democracy at our peril."
Katherine Stewart is the author of "The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism".

"In 2016, users of the term “fascism” (for Trump) were criticized as fear mongers. Four years later, those not using the term were seen as cowards and enablers. It is not to say that the Trump experience proves that US democracy is too strong to be toppled by a “strongman” – or any other type of “American exceptionalism” argument, which is usually steeped in national chauvinism and international ignorance". amen

"From an international perspective, though, Trump is just one more example of the many populists on the right who have risen to power around the world: Narendra Modi in India, Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, Viktor Orbán in Hungary, Vladimir Putin in Russia, Jarosław Kaczyński in Poland, and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey, my home country (of the author). These people win elections but subvert democratic norms: by criminalizing dissent, suppressing or demonizing the media, harassing the opposition, and deploying extra-legal mechanisms whenever possible (Putin’s opponents have a penchant for meeting tragic accidents). Orbán proudly uses the phrase illiberal democracy to describe the populism practiced by these men; Trump has many similarities to them, both rhetorically and policy-wise".

Angela Merkel's faith in America was deeply shaken when Donald Trump won the US presidency in 2016. The German Chancellor who grew up behind the Iron Curtain was quicker than most to perceive his threat to the kind of US global leadership that has traditionally underwritten European security. (The same iron curtain I climbed on in 1978). Had Hillary Clinton won in 2016, Merkel may well have opted not to run for a fourth term. But she would not retire with Trump in the White House, seeing him as a peril to the West, its common values and security.

I also perceived the threat as soon as he began his campaign.

Washington Post Editorial Board
But the question is not whether Mr. Trump has degraded the presidency, it continued. The question is how much long-term damage he has done. Will future presidents now feel free to use the pardon power — or the other vast powers of office — with such nakedly crooked motives? How many will calculate that they can make corruption appear to be patriotism as long as enough of the country wants to believe the lies they tell?

The board, a frequent critic of the outgoing president, said that “at least for a couple more months” in Trump’s America “guilty is innocent; lies are truth; traitors are patriots.”

Alexander Kirshner and Claudio Lopez-Guerra
Democracies do not sprout spontaneously, like red poppies in a field. They are established by brave democrats: people who struggle, sometimes paying the ultimate price, against the forces of authoritarianism. This is how democracies survive, too. There is no such thing as the inevitability of democratic rule once it is in place. It has to be defended.

Joseph Goebbels famously said: "It will always be one of the best jokes of democracy that it gives its deadly enemies the means to destroy it." But Goebbels was wrong. Well-designed democracies need not turn the other cheek when confronted by aspiring autocrats.

Trump has clearly attempted to subvert the democratic process. He appointed a postmaster general who made it harder for voters to mail in their ballots on time. But his most egregious actions have followed election day, once it was clear that he had lost. Though there has never been any evidence of substantial electoral fraud, he explicitly pushed election officials to subvert the outcome in various states where the race was close. This was an unmistakable, illegitimate effort to stay in power regardless of the election’s result. That he failed does not mean he should be allowed to seek the presidency again.

This article includes some quotes from several authors. These are highlighted with quotes or credit is given with their name.


Trump supporters worked assiduously to suppress the vote by denigrating the legitimacy of mail-in ballots during a pandemic, limiting access to ballot drop-boxes and polling stations, flooding social media with messaging to dampen minority voter turnout, blasting robocalls to deceive voters about where and when to vote and manipulating the postal system to delay ballot delivery.

Some of Mr. Trump’s most ardent supporters intimidated voters at the polls. Heeding calls to “stand by” and “go into the polls and watch very carefully,” they deployed, sometimes armed, in Black and brown communities under the guise of ensuring no fraudulent votes were cast.

In the run-up to Election Day, Mr. Trump dispatched an army of litigants to enlist the courts in curtailing access to the polls. Since the election, his legal team has tried repeatedly to halt ballot counting and toss out legitimately cast votes that most likely favored Mr. Biden.
Susan E. Rice- former national security adviser.

Trump tried his best to rig the election. When losing he figured it had to be rigged. How else could he have lost his rigged election.


December 2020 Now Trump is trying to subvert the election claiming it was fraudulent and a conspiracy. A common method used by dictators to hold onto power. We now must realize we've been living with a dictator for the last four years who's now trying to cement his hold on power to take over the country. It can happen here.

Their (Trump and his team) basic argument is this was a conspiracy so vast and so successful that there’s no evidence of it, said Ambassador John R. Bolton. Now if that’s true, I really want to know who the people are who pulled this off, he said on Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” “We need to hire them at the CIA”

Let’s make this simple: Trump had every right to file lawsuits to allege voter fraud. Now that he’s lost ALL of them, Trump’s claims of voter fraud are a cover story for a coup. Every GOP official supporting Trump’s coup is a co-conspirator. This is what FASCISM looks like.
Dean Obeidallah

10 Dec 2020
Now Trump and his republican stooges are making a blatant attempt to take over the country. These states which he won have joined a Texas lawsuit with the Supreme Court demanding the 62 total Electoral College votes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin be invalidated and giving the election to Trump. If this isn't a coup attempt then what the hell is it?

Remember the names of these states - Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas Utah and West Virginia. Bad people, no other way to say it!

Here is the list of seditious congressman who signed on, I hope history remembers each of them. They should now be known as members of the autocrat caucus. As conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg wrote with moral clarity in the Dispatch: "It is an act of cynical, unpatriotic, undemocratic hypocrisy unrivaled in American history, a pure power play on behalf of a president whose disregard for the very Constitution these people have long claimed to adore is total. It is shameful. Infuriatingly shameful." History will judge them as cowards and villains. The creation of the autocrat caucus provides a bright dividing line. Good people can, of course, disagree about politics. But we are way beyond politics when it comes to an attempt to overturn an election without any credible evidence. The autocrat-inclined are not strong, but weak. They back authoritarian personalities and demonize dissent in the name of tribal loyalty. Remember the names of the 126 members of the autocrat caucus. They cannot pretend to be patriots if they're willing to overturn democracy -- because they have just repudiated the thing that really makes America great.
This is a pdf list of the names.

Trump's failures in court have obscured his success in enlisting so many Republicans at all levels to back his open efforts to subvert the 2020 result, raising questions about the party’s commitment to the basic tenets of Western democratic rules and conventions. Ronald Brownstein
No questions are raised. The party has no commitment to democracy, and hasn't for years. Given the chance to turn America into Hungary, the GOP wouldn't hesitate for a second. Paul Krugman

The greatest danger to America is the naive belief that there is something unique that guarantees America will remain a democratic civil society. Much of a major party has turned against democracy. It’s foolish to believe that doesn't have consequences. Stuart Stevens

Trump is a little narcissistic TWERP and keeps trying to pull off a autogolpe (Coup d'état). Many people support this mentally ill little man which sure seems to be an indicator of who they themselves are. He has no shame and they have no shame. They have been referred to as the "deplorables". Some say if you're a republican this is you. Now Trump has 126 members of congress joining his effort to overturn our election. Steve Schmidt, John McCains campaign manager, stated after the electoral college certification this was the first attempted coup in the U.S. and the Trump followers cannot be allowed to do this again. I was thinking about all of this the other night and it came to mind that the republican party is actually a communist party. The communist party of the 1940's through the 1990's wasn't the same. That was true communism. Today the Chinese communist party represents the change. They allow capitalism and some minor freedom but it's against democracy. It's ruled by an autocrat. This can also be called fascism. The republican party in the United States has morphed into a neo-communist party. Look closely at the activities of the party members. We need to call this what it is when someone says the party has become anti-democratic. We now have a Democratic party and a Communist party in this country. Pure and simple.

On a personal note; I've listened to pundits say they aren't ready to open their arms and welcome trumpsters and racists in an effort to bring the nation together after the way his supporters have behaved. I didn't feel it would show grace and dignity personally taking this approach and explicitly ending relationships. Turns out it's not necessary as the trumpsters I "knew" have taken it upon themselves to estrange me. Goes to show what I've said for years, We don't have friends, just acquaintances.


Donald Trump has successfully marketed an outrageous alternate reality, so that 70 percent of registered Republican voters, according to a Quinnipiac poll this month, believe that Biden’s victory was illegitimate. Trump has taken his refusal to concede to historic, previously unthinkable lengths. And an overwhelming majority of Republican members of Congress have played along, actively or passively, many of them knowing better, all of them traitors to democracy and profiles in cowardice.

To this crew Biden is supposed to extend an olive branch?

From this bunch he’s expected to wring droplets of decency?

The most wickedly divisive, wantonly self-serving president in the country’s modern history went full-bore nihilist. A once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that should have given us shared purpose turned us against one another.
Frank Bruni

My side note: Trumps rabid cult voters are also traitors to democracy.

Most of the 74,222,957 Americans who voted to re-elect Donald Trump – 46.8%of the votes cast in the 2020 presidential election – don’t hold Trump accountable for what he’s done to America. Their acceptance of Trump’s behavior will be his vilest legacy.


When I see a black woman I stop and thank her for voting.
These wonderful women helped save our democracy.

About the Covid pandemic.

Trump dummies refuse to take the scientifically proven precautions against infection. They show up with guns claiming their American rights are being challenged. The health experts are seen on TV warning of the risks. Frankly, I'm tired of and numb to the number of cases and deaths. The experts are preaching to the choir. STOP IT. Let these crazy MAGA people get the disease and suffer the debilitating long term health issues or die. Be less people needing to be vaccinated.


Some remarks are quotes from other authors.