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Electrical Isolator for trailers and side cars.
Works with incandescent bulbs and even LED's


Our Isolator is used by and recommended by Motorvation Trailers & Sidecars.


This item is a very complex item to build and with dual circuit board design actually offered true trailer and side car circuit isolation. Considering all that was involved in it's construction the price was more than fair. However, today so many riders are looking for cheap prices. Items on the market that appeared similar, built in China, offer simple plug and play connection for a little wiring harness. What the riders don't understand is they are simply plugging into the wiring harness on the motorcycle which was doing nothing more than connecting the trailer directly to the motorcycle wiring. NOT ISOLATION at all. But the price is cheap. We cannot compete with something not the same. So, we decided to stop building the unit. Many of you will experience electrical problems, especially on the new Can-Bus electrical systems but we don't want to fight a battle that's not winable any longer.




Item Part # TI6002

We can special build for special needs.
However, we cannot build a single
item without adding a surcharge.



Unit (box) size 1½" x 3" x ¾"
Rating - Two 10 amp circuits.
Two 5 amp circuits.
(We recommend fusing all four circuits)
(used without fuses voids warranty)


Choose the best with a Kriss Trailer Electrical Isolator.

It works on any 12 volt standard negative ground system, even on automobiles.
Isolates the circuits by powering the turn signals, brakes and taillights through the unit and avoiding any power carrying connections to the motorcycle wiring.
Hides the load from computer or circuit monitoring devices.
Control of each circuit
is through the isolator.

This unit creates a secondary electrical supply circuit that does not pull power from the original wiring. Thus, it does not plug into the original wiring. The control circuits for the trailer lights are simply tapped into the brake and turn signal circuits on the motorcycle. The output wires connect directly to the trailer (plug) lights. It's highly recommended that the circuits be fused. Without fuse protection a short in the trailer wiring or lights will destroy the unit.






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