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Electrical Isolator for trailers and side cars.
Works with incandescent bulbs and even LED's


Dual Circuit Board Design for maximum isolation, circuit separation & redundancy.


Our Isolator is used by and recommended by Motorvation Trailers & Sidecars.

If you have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with the new Can-Bus
electrical system you must use this unit to connect a trailer.
Those inexpensive adaptor harnesses are not compatible with
the BCM and cause fault codes to appear on the speedo display.
motorcycle side car

The KRISS Isolator is totally Solid State Electronics!
Any of the copies on the market are made with simple relays and usually come out of
China. They cannot isolate in the same manner as ours or provide the same protection
available with solid state design. That's true, don't let someone trying to make a buck fool you.
Ask if it's a true solid state or a relay design.

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Part #TI6002



Unit (box) size 1½" x 3" x ¾"
Rating - Two 10 amp circuits.
Two 5 amp circuits.
(We recommend fusing all four circuits)
(used without fuses voids warranty)


It works on any 12 volt standard negative ground system, even on automobiles.
Isolates the circuits by powering the turn signals, brakes and taillights through the unit and avoiding any power carrying connections to the motorcycle wiring.
Hides the load from computer or circuit monitoring devices.
Control of each circuit
is through the isolator.

This unit creates a secondary electrical supply circuit that does not pull power from the original wiring. Thus, it does not plug into the original wiring. The control circuits for the trailer lights are simply tapped into the brake and turn signal circuits on the motorcycle. The output wires connect directly to the trailer (plug) lights. It's highly recommended that the circuits be fused. Without fuse protection a short in the trailer wiring or lights will destroy the unit.







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Over a period of years numerous shoppers have called asking us for details about wiring their trailer. Many of these riders really didn't plan on purchasing an isolator from us because a buddy or someone else told them it wasn't necessary or they didn't want to spend the money. They wanted us to provide some information and wiring guidance since it's not readily available anywhere else. If you're one of these people we're now offering you the opportunity to speak with an engineer and get the needed information to accomplish your connections. This service is available at a modest cost on a per occurrence basis.* It's simple, just give us a call.




We invented the Star-Tron, which was the first trailer and accessory isolator, in 1988.
This is a picture of our original unit. Today's model is shown below.
We invented and introduced the first isolators to the market in 1988
when others argued we were wrong and trailer circuits didn't need isolation. Now these same people are building cheap copies and preaching that isolation is needed. Our Trailer and Accessory Isolator protects your motorcycle wiring by keeping the electrical load off the original wires. Increases the life of the wiring by reducing the heat caused by current flow in the wiring. If your motorcycle has a computer controlling operations or circuits are electronically monitored then this unit is even more important because it keeps the additional load of the trailer off the computer. Our newer solid state model was substantially reduced in size from the Star-Tron 3½" x 5" to a compact 1½" x 3" so it would fit in the smaller spaces and even under the seat on some of the newer motorcycles. Since most people use it solely for a trailer the new model is designed primarily for that purpose. If accessory isolation is needed it requires a separate unit.

Important information about your trailer hook up. You can connect the trailer circuits to your motorcycle and in some cases problems are immediately encountered. In other cases, like on the Harley-Davidson, your trailer and signals initially seem to work properly. However, after a period of time you encounter some problems with the signals for a period of time after the trailer is disconnected. It's common for electronics like computer modules to start giving you warnings something is wrong. You have two choices of fixing it immediately before more damage is done or ignore it and pay to replace the module after it fails.

We've evolved our isolator into a modern compact "dual circuit board solid state device".

This unit is for the "discerning rider" who wants the ultimate in electrical protection for his motorcycle.


There are other isolators on the market which are nothing more than some wire, a couple of plugs and $3.00 worth of old fashioned relays so you CANNOT fuse each of the separate trailer circuits. Our solid state design allows our isolator to continue operation of the other trailer circuits should a short circuit occur in one of the trailer circuits or trailer plug. Thus, you don't lose all the remaining lights on the trailer. This also makes it a simple task to identify the problem circuit.

We hope this isn't what you choose for use on your expensive motorcycle and trailer. We'll be more than happy, if needed, to assist you in the wiring procedures for your motorcycle. However, we'll do this after you purchase a unit.

Information about trailer plugs and wiring harnesses. Most new trailers come with the mating plugs, one for the trailer and one for the motorcycle. There are numerous types of plugs on the market as shown below. So you don't have to rewire your trailer to accommodate our preference we utilize the stock plug arrangement provided by your trailer manufacturer. The trailers are normally pre wired and the mating plug is ready for connection to the proper circuits on the motorcycle or isolator. This method keeps your brand of trailer consistent with their other models. Some people like to install a fancy plug that's in a chrome housing in which case you will need to change the plug on the trailer. Using these stock plugs the only thing you'll need is our Trailer Isolator and nothing else.


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