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The Harley 2011- 2017 Can-Bus & Can-Bus/LED modulators shown below as discontinued were due
to cost, limited size of the market and what appeared to us as probably limited rider resources.
(It's tough today for most people and it's something we wish we had the power to change)




#H20 Available in P Class model
#H21 Still Available
#H22 Discontinued
#H23 Discontinued

electrical system
Harley-Davidson 2014-17
Not for LED

7" size headlight.
Halogen bulb

For Harley-Davidson Daymaker
Single LED 7" bulb

Not for 2011-2017 Can-Bus

No extra wiring to purchase

Can-Bus with "LED" Headlight
Can-Bus LED
Harley 2011-2017
A. - for 7" Daymaker 2014-2017
B. - for 5¾" model also available.


This unit is used for Can-Bus
motorcycles originally with Halogen
bulbs and changed to the Daymaker LED.

Highway34 Modulator
#B - H4 type3 socket (LED headlight)

Each version is custom built to your order

4 programs modes

Easy to change between Shade Delay On or Off,
Intersection operation activated with tap of brake,
or if you want to use a separate On/Off switch.

#H24 Still Available
#H25 Discontinued
#H26 Discontinued
#H27 Discontinued

Compact LED small 5¾" headlight

Sportster, Dyna, etc.

Not for 2011-2017 Can-Bus

2014-17 Ultra Can-Bus LED
Factory Installed Single LED

Factory Installed Dual LED
2014-17 Road Glide
Can-Bus LED motorcycles


"Dual Daymaker" LED model

Not for 2011-2017 Can-Bus

No extra wiring to purchase

#H28 Discontinued
#H29 Available in P Class model
#H30 Discontinued
#P8 Discontinued

Can-Bus electrical system
2014-17 Street Glide, Road King, etc.
7" headlight H9/H11 - 2 halogen bulbs

Not for LED

if you change to LED see #H22

This same headlight is used on Road
King and several of the new models.

Small 5¾" Can-Bus headlight
Halogen bulb Slim JIm

No extra wiring to purchase

Fat Bob Can-Bus model
2011-16 Can-Bus motorcycle

Can-Bus Tour Pack Flasher
CBTPx & CBTPnp Models
2014-17 Harley Ultra Classic

Signal LED's flash
6 selectable flash programs.
This model includes wigwag
Simple plug in to factory plug

All LED's flash
5 selectable flash programs.
Simple plug in to factory plug


When some Harley forum members were noting Kriss had
come out with these specialized products in 2011 a guy wrote
"I'd rather do without than pay the price they're asking."
This reveals a lot about some people and the truth why jobs moved to China.

Here's why we decided the market lacked resources.

2011 - 2016  (6 years)
Harley Can-Bus Headlight Modulator - HCB022  $159.95   Qty sold 17 units
Harley Can-Bus LED Headlight Modulator - HCBLED5  $159.95  Qty sold 5 units
Harley Single Factory LED (Ultra) Headlight Modulator - HL6691  $159.95  Qty sold 37 units
Harley Road Glide Dual LED Headlight Modulator - HL8892  $199.95  Qty sold 5 units
Harley Dual (replacement) LED Headlight Modulator - H45590  $179.95  Qty sold 7 units
Harley LED (7 inch) Headlight Modulator - H45533  $149.95  Qty sold 69 units
Slim Jim H4 Can-Bus Headlight Modulator - HCB023S  $149.95  Qty sold 10 units
Harley Can-Bus + 5 ¾" Slim Jim LED headlight - HSJCBLED  $179.95   Qty sold 1 unit
Harley H9/H11 (Street Glide) CAN-BUS Headlight Modulator - HCB929  $159.95   Qty 14 units
Harley H9/H11 (Road King) CAN-BUS Headlight Modulator - HCB929  $159.95   Qty 1 unit
Harley Can-Bus Fat Bob Headlight Modulator - H45008CB  $149.95   Qty sold 0 units
CBTPnp Harley Can-Bus LED Tour Pack Flasher - CB8767  $169.95  Qty sold 22  units
Harley LED-CU 5 3/4" (std-not can-bus)Headlight Modulator - H47388  $159.95   Qty 8 units
Harley (std-not can-bus) Fat Bob Headlight Modulator - H45008  $149.95   Qty sold 14 units

This is about another company that has tried building these type of units.
We found this on a forum. Will someone discern anything from this?

I (He) bought a xxxxx(brand) modulator for my Can-Bus motorcycle. "It did not work, so they sent me another. It didn't work either, and they couldn't figure out why, so yet another was sent. After it didn't work, I gave up on modulating the main headlight, so they sent me two of the smaller modulators to put on the driving lights. (need to note this wasn't legal) They worked great for about 6 months, then quit working. Ah, well.
69.95, 79.95, 124.00, etc. - Money wasted !

Just imagine if he'd purchased Kriss which works the first time and lasts a lifetime.
Ah, well.




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