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Freedom Brake Flasher

Kriss offers six different flash programs
you can choose from. A feature only
found in our brake light flasher.

Not for BMW, Harley or other European
Can-Bus electrical systems unless noted

503 Signal, Run, Brake (flasher)
(for rear signals)

We invented this type of device. You can choose from
15 flash programs not found in the low price copies,
a feature only found in Kriss Panther brake and signal
flashers. This device will work on Can-Bus models.

Tour Pack Flasher

Roll mouse over upper section
(next to blue bar) to see brake light operation.
(next to yellow bar) to see turn signal operation.
  gl1800 1gl1800 2gl1800 3
Simple WigWag shown Kriss default program setting
Harley and Honda do not operate the tour pack lights as signals
#6 *

Freedom Brake Flasher
Used on the Gold Wing

gl1800 1
gl1800 2
gl1800 3

Turn Signal Cancel unit

This is the only cancel unit made that keeps things
simple and does one thing. Works well all the time!

Hazard (4way) Flasher

Both flashingWigwag

Doesn't interfere with turn signals

557 Signal, Run, Brake flasher
& Main Brake Light flasher.
(for fender light + rear signals
kriss vtx5 kriss vtx6
kriss vtx8 kriss vtx7
Only unit made that controls "both" the fender brake
light and the turn signals. You can choose from 24
different flash programs to suit your riding needs.
(This unit doesn't cancel the factory turn signals)


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