A Members product

Panther are our best brake and signal items offering you quality and performance features not found in anything else, reliability and long life second to none. The competition can't even compete. Some just want something to work for awhile. We build these here in Tucson Arizona for the rider who wants the best offering "many" years of trouble free service.

A Members product

These items aren't ones I'm trying to convince anyone to purchase. You have to want something of this quality. Many people today are usually looking for a cheap price so if you call you'll find I'm not a pushy salesman but more inclined to direct you to our lower cost items or advise I'm not sure I can help if your bike requires the newer more expensive designs. You'll need to let me know if money is an issue before I can help. See Optima for an explanation about our member procedures if top line products are your choice.

please call for help making your choice


Freedom Brake Flasher

Kriss offers six different flash programs
you can choose from. A feature only
found in our brake light flasher.

Not for CAN-BUS electrical systems
unless noted

503 Signal, Run, Brake (flasher)
(for rear signals)

We invented this type of device. You can choose from
15 flash programs not found in the low price copies,
a feature only found in Kriss Panther brake and signal
flashers. This device will work on Can-Bus models.

Tour Pack Flasher

Roll mouse over upper section
(next to blue bar) to see brake light operation.
(next to yellow bar) to see turn signal operation.
  gl1800 1gl1800 2gl1800 3

Simple WigWag shown Kriss default program setting
Harley and Honda do not operate
the tour pack lights as signals

Turn Signal Cancel unit

This is the only cancel unit made
that keeps things simple and does
one thing. Works well all the time!


557 Signal, Run, Brake flasher
& Main Brake Light flasher.
(for fender light + rear signals

kriss vtx5 kriss vtx6
kriss vtx8 kriss vtx7
Only unit made that controls "both" the fender brake
light and the turn signals. You can choose from 24
different flash programs to suit your riding needs.
(This unit doesn't cancel the factory turn signals)

Hazard (4way) Flasher

Both flashingWigwag

Doesn't interfere with turn signals

These products are not exorbitant or unreasonable in price but bear in mind they aren't intended for those looking for cheap products.
Since they are “top of the line” they are not subject to cost-cutting or other compromise between quality and price.


GL1800 Spoiler Flasher/Running light

gl1800 spoiler





Most motorcycles don't have a Can-Bus electrical system. Japanese models are not Can-Bus.
The purchaser should familiarize himself if the motorcycle model is Can-Bus and ordering the correct part.
European brands with Can-Bus are not of a consistent design which often creates compatibility issues.
Heavy duty upgrade is a parts and labor charge and non-refundable.
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