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Single H4 type bulb

Plug and Play
Standard 7" headlamps

(For Harley see #6 )

Single H4 type bulb

Plug and Play Short plug model
for small 5¾" headlamps
Scooters (Vespa, etc)
Use H4 short plug model.

(For Harley see #7 )

Dual H4 type bulb

Plug and Play

(For Harley see #15 )

H type (2 bulbs)

Separate high beam bulb and
separate low beam bulb.
LED H bulb model
Use this link for
Dual H type (4 bulbs)


Can-Bus electrical system
Harley 2011-2013 Softail and
2012-2013 Dyna Can-Bus H4 type bulb
All 2014-15 Can-Bus
Not LED)

A. - for 7" size headlight.

B. - for small 5¾" headlight

Plug and Play


Single H4 type bulb
Built expressly for Harley models
(Not Can-Bus)

Plug and Play

Slim Jim Model

Single H4 type bulb
For smaller 5¾" headlamps.
Built expressly for Harley models
(for Can-Bus see #5 B)
(for LED see #11B)

Plug and Play

Sportster, Dyna, etc.

Can-Bus electrical system
Harley-Davidson 2014-15 Street Glide
7" headlight H9/H11 - with 2 bulbs
Not LED)

This same headlight is used on Road King
and several of the new Harley models


Combination of Can-Bus
with "LED" Headlight
Harley 2011-2013 Softail and
2012-2013 Dyna Can-Bus LED
Customer makes change to LED
5¾" and 7" headlights 2014-2015

See #10 for new Ultra Classic models

Harley Daymaker LED Factory Installed
2014-15 Can-Bus motorcycles
Touring models, Single LED
Ultra Classic Ltd, Tri-Glide


Harley-Davidson Single LED bulb
Daymaker 7" headlight
Plug and Play

NOT for 2011 - 2015
Can-Bus systems

Harley-Davidson Compact LED
small 5¾" headlight

Sportster, Dyna,, etc.

NOT for 2011 - 2015
Can-Bus systems



"Dual Daymaker" LED model

(Not Can-Bus )

Two LED bulbs

Dual H4 headlights

Plug and Play



Harley-Davidson Fat Bob.
Fat Bob Can-Bus model.

Harley-Davidson Vrod H type bulb.
(Also used for Screaming Eagle Ultra)

Plug and Play "Plus"
(For Vrod LED see LED-CU #12)

Honda GL1800
Standard Model Halogen bulbs.
Also LED H7 bulb model

Used on either high or low beam.
(not both)

Honda GL1800
Dual Function Model
Modulates high, low or both at same time

kriss gl1800 2
This is top of the line for the Gold Wing.
Custom built for the rider who's
able to choose only the the best.


Universal LED Modulator

All Makes and models using
an LED replacement for the
original H4 headlight bulb.



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