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Harley-Davidson 2014 Models use a Can-Bus System
(Harley calls it HD-LAN) which controls and monitors the headlight.
Kriss Can-Bus modulators are compatible but most other aren't on these new Harley models and cause the high beam to completely shut off.
Visit our headlight modulator pages and you'll find a link to an explanation about Can-Bus.
Kriss CAN-BUS modulators or "LED" modulators are designed specifically for the new Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
? If you're not sure if your motorcycle has an H4 type or LED bulb please give us a call so we can assist in making the correct purchase.

Quick Reference modulator Comparison Chart
Meet d.o.t. rules
Other Brands
Meet d.o.t. rules
Modulation Rate
Modulation Rate
Mostly but not all
No or Questionable
No or Questionable
Light Sensor
Time delay
Light Sensor
Not legal *
Many of our models are easy
direct plug and play installation.
Some brands claim plug and play but
it's not easy and use bulky wiring
adaptors requiring additional space.
* d.o.t. rules have specific light sensitivity parameters and adjusting is not legal


Single H4 type bulb

Plug and Play
Standard 7" headlamps
other than Harley-Davidson

Single H4 type bulb

Plug and Play
Short plug model for
small 5¾" headlamps
other than Harley-Davidson.

Dual H4 type bulb

Plug and Play

Single H7(2 bulbs) Dual H7 (4 bulbs)

Plug and Play most models
Plug and Play "Plus" some models

Separate high beam bulb and
separate low beam bulb.


Can-Bus HD Lan electrical system
Harley 2011-2013 Softail and
2012-2013 Dyna Can-Bus H4 type bulb
All 2014 Can-Bus HD Lan (Not LED)

A. - for 7" size headlight.

B. - for small 5¾" headlight

Plug and Play

Single H4 type bulb

Built expressly for Harley

Plug and Play
(Not Can-Bus HD Lan)

Harley-Davidson Slim Jim Model
H4 type bulb

For smaller 5¾" headlamps.

(Not Can-Bus HD Lan)

Can-Bus HD Lan electrical system
Harley-Davidson 2014 Street Glide
7" headlight H9 (2) bulbs
(Not LED)

This same headlight is used on
several of the new Harley models

Page will be published 26 April 2014
(waiting on some Can-Bus info from Harley)


Combination of Can-Bus HD Lan
with "LED" Headlight

Harley 2011-2013 Softail and
2012-2013 Dyna Can-Bus LED
2014's - The customer change to LED

5¾" and 7" headlights

Daymaker LED Factory Installed
2014 Can-Bus HD Lan motorcycles
Touring models, Single LED
-Ultra Classic Ltd (FLHTK), etc.

Harley-Davidson Single LED
7" headlight - Plug and Play


Harley-Davidson Compact LED
small 5¾" headlight



Hot Shot Modulator
for use on Harley-Davidson
2014 Can-Bus HD Lan
7" headlight H4 bulb - (Not LED)

Harley-Davidson "Dual Daymaker"
LED model (not Can-Bus HD Lan)

Dual H4 type bulb

Plug and Play

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob
and Fat Bob Can-Bus model


Harley-Davidson Vrod H7 bulb

Plug and Play "Plus"
For Vrod LED model see LED-CU

GL1800 model
Std. Model

Used on either high or low beam.
(not both)

GL1800 model
Dual Function Model
Modulates high, low or both.

kriss gl1800 2
This is top of the line for the Gold Wing.
For the rider who's not ordinary

12 VDC only
(not AC models)

Use H4 short plug model.
Plug and Pla


This modulator is a terrific buy if you're looking for something priced very competitively.

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