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20 models are shown below.

Considering all the different type of headlights and electrical systems today we must include references to these configurations in order
for you to find the match to your motorcycle. It will require you SLOW DOWN and take the time to READ the captions and information. If
you're ready to order and unsure please give us a call and while gathering your shipping information we'll make sure of the correct part.

Many motorcycles use the
same type of bulb so we
can't display every different
make and model on this page.

If you aren't sure about your model look under the manufacturers list or see our headlight bulb identification page

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Single H4 type bulb

7" headlights, also rectangular shape

No extra wiring needed

(For Harley see #5)

Single H4 type bulb
Use H4 short plug model.

Small5¾" headlamps,
Scooters (Vespa, etc)

No extra wiring needed

(For Harley slim models see #6)

"Dual" H4 type bulbs

No extra wiring needed

H(x) type (2 separate bulbs)

Separate high beam bulb and
separate low beam bulb.

H(x) - any type of single filament halogen bulb


Single H4 type bulb

Road King, etc 7" headlights.
(including sealed beam)

Built expressly for Harley models

Not for Can-Bus
For Can-Bus see #12A

No extra wiring needed

Slim Jim Model,

Sportster, Dyna, etc.

Single H4 type bulb
For smaller 5¾" headlamps.
Built expressly for Harley models

Not for Can-Bus
(for Can-Bus see #12B)

No extra wiring needed

Honda GL1800
Standard Model Halogen bulbs.

Used on either high or low beam.
(not both at same time)

See #11 below

H7 type LED bulbs
Honda GL1800

Information referenced on
Standard Gold Wing 1800 page.

Custom built

H1/H3/HB3/H7/H8/H9/H11/9000, etc.
(2 prong) bulbs
Separate high beam bulb and
separate low beam bulb.

Custom built

Honda GL1800
Dual Function Model Halogen bulbs.
Operates low or high separately
or both together or off.

All four headlights

Custom built

Double Eagle Highway34 Modulator
H4 type bulb, H4 type Can-Bus, H4 type LED

4 programs modes
Easy to change between Shade Delay On or Off,
Intersection operation activated with tap of brake,
or if you want to use a separate On/Off switch.


We offer these items with their special Can-Bus and LED features only as custom built for a limited demand price sensitive market.

Can-Bus electrical system
Harley-Davidson 2014-16
H4 bulb.
Also 2011-2013 Softail &
2012-2013 Dyna
Not for LED
for Can-Bus LED see #14

A. - for 7" size headlight.

B. - for small 5¾" headlight

No extra wiring needed

Fat Bob
Can-Bus model
2011-16 Can-Bus motorcycles

Can-Bus with "LED" Headlight
Harley 2011-2013 Softail
Can-Bus LED
7" headlights 2014-2016

5¾" by special order

No extra wiring needed

Our products are built in this country and mostly hand assembled using local employees who've always had good wages and benefits. We're not able to and have no desire to match the cheap prices, and cheap labor, of our competitors nor do we want to lower our high quality standards. Most of our special products are not offered by other companies and we don't build them in quantity. Considering the high cost of engineering, research, design and production the price of a custom item will never match that of the bargain items sold to the general discount minded public. We hope you take this into consideration when evaluating what it is you purchase from us at Kriss.

P. S. I was recently told by the service rep at a Harley dealer people think everything is quality. If this is true I find it disappointing and not a good testament to **********. It makes me question all the hype about American jobs. I give up!


Compact LED small 5¾" headlight

Sportster, Dyna,, etc.

Not for Can-Bus

2014-16 Ultra Can-Bus LED
Factory Installed Single LED


"Dual Daymaker" LED model

Not for Can-Bus

No extra wiring needed

Can-Bus electrical system
2014-16 Street Glide, Road King, etc.
7" headlight H9/H11 - with 2 bulbs

Not for LED

if you change to LED see #15

This same headlight is used on Road King and several of the new models.

Harley-Davidson Daymaker
Single LED 7" bulb

Works with most LED headlights

Not for Can-Bus
for Can-Bus LED see #14

For 2014-16 Ultra see #15

No extra wiring needed

Factory Installed Dual LED
2014-16 Road Glide
Can-Bus LED motorcycles


The new Can-Bus and LED bulbs require specific modulators.
Please review the product information thoroughly so you can choose the correct model.

It's best to check with us first if you aren't sure so you don't install a wrong part.
We're happy to call, advise and then take your order for the right part.

Kriss is the only company
building Genuine LED and
Can-Bus Headlight Modulators

* Genuine, meaning something designed for an application that actually works. They use "microprocessor program code" written by our engineering dept. We spent a lot of money in developing an item that works. (Not 1970's Cmos binary counter technology like other modulators)

We've had reports of riders trying to install other modulators which aren't legal or designed for LED and Can-Bus headlights only to discover they weren't compatible and the headlight didn't work properly or failed.

Most companies aren't going to accept a return or refund after you've installed the part so it's best to buy the right part to start.



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