A quick overview of our ordering process.

After entering your billing and shipping information click the Submit button.

An order confirmation page will then appear signaling the order was received by our server.
At this time you can review the information to assure it's correct and notify us of any errors.

Your card is not processed until time of shipment.


For maximum security your credit card is NOT processed over the Internet. It's processed using a card machine in our office over a private line. This is more work for us but it's about the most secure method. When you complete our checkout process you're NOT creating an online account or password someone might unlawfully access. This is a one time process which significantly increases security of the information you enter.

Information about credit card purchases.

If you're paying with a VIRTUAL CARD please remember shipping charges will also be added. To avoid your card being declined please allow enough funds to cover these extras. If there's a problem due to incorrect billing address verification (if different from shipping address) we will not be able to ship your order until this issue is resolved.

Please bear in mind that sometimes people move or change their billing address and even though your credit card company may have been notified of the mailing address change they sometimes fail to update the processing computer if you didn't make a request. In these events your address will not match the records properly. We have no way of knowing the reason but in the event we receive notification of NO MATCH then we have no alternative other than holding the order until we can contact you. Some companies will accept your card and take a risk of loss. Ours is not one of these and we regard security procedures and accuracy of the utmost importance.


The map below shows how long enroute for it to arrive by FedEx Ground after we ship your order


Sorry, due to the cost of international shipping, foreign country duties, customs brokerage fees, which we have
no control, and shopper complaints about paying these fees we do not ship outside of the United States.
If you have a stateside address where we can ship then this problem is not of consequence.

See Our Delivery Guide

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