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Our bank charges for accepting card purchases has increased - Sep. 2016

Due to most credit and debit card holders now participating in Rewards programs the fees to merchants has increased significantly. Our most recent statement showed every purchase was on a rewards card. The cash reward or reward points you receive on your rewards card is actually charged to the merchant. Not only do we have discount fees to the bank but now we see numerous other charges like interchange fees, security fee, authorization fees, terminal fees, batch fees, qualified (no rewards) and non qualified (rewards) fees, debit card transmission fee as well as Visa fees and Mastercard fees. We're even charged a transaction fee when a card is declined. The total amount we now pay for accepting your card is:
Credit card - 6%
Debit card - 10%

Thus, if you use your debit card for a $150 purchase the card processing center takes $15. This adds to our cost and considering we haven't raised prices for a number of years our small profit is being eroded. We will be reviewing ways to address this serious problem over the next several months.


Your credit card is NOT processed over the Internet. It's processed using a card machine in our office that communicates over a private telephone line. This is more work for us but it's about the most secure method. When you complete our checkout process you're not creating an online account or password someone might unlawfully access. This is a one time process which significantly increases security of the information you enter.


Information about credit card purchases.

If you're paying with a VIRTUAL CARD please remember that residential delivery, rural delivery and fuel surcharge are additional shipping charges added to the FedEx base rate, if they apply. To avoid your card being declined please allow enough funds to cover these extras. Click here to view FedEx shipping fees. If there's a problem due to incorrect billing address verification (if different from shipping address) and you later provide us the correct information it's necessary to process your order a second time which may incur handling fees and the extra time often delays your order.

Please bear in mind that sometimes people move or change their billing address and even though your credit card company may have been notified of the mailing address change they sometimes fail to update the processing computer if you didn't make a request. In these events your address will not match the records properly. We have no way of knowing the reason but in the event we receive notification of NO MATCH then we have no alternative other than deleting the transaction. Some companies will accept your card and take a risk of loss. Ours is not one of these and we regard security procedures and accuracy of the utmost importance.

Sometimes a person gets upset with us because we're following the procedures outlined in the credit card rules for merchants and they want to cancel the order so they can purchase from someone else. They blame their problem on us. In this case we'll cancel the order and make a permanent note in our database file preventing any future occurrence. All we're trying to do is help protect both of us against fraud.

Credit Card purchases - By use of our order form you agree to our terms of use. You also understand we're accepting your credit card on good faith. If your card is rejected after shipment you understand the amount is still owed to Kriss Industries Inc. Any charges submitted for collection will incur additional legal fees. terms

Information regarding shipping procedures

How we calculate shipping charges - Orders normally ship within 5 business days.
Unless you selected "Flat Rate Shipping" actual shipping charges for the type of service you selected will be added to the parts subtotal at the time of shipment when the order is processed. This is based on the actual weight and shipping zone (zip code) distance. Also, please remember, until entering your information in the FedEx computer software "we don't know" if extended area charges (rural/remote) will be applied by FedEx or how changes in fuel cost surcharges will affect shipping rates. FedEx always charges to ship your order. Click here to view FedEx shipping fees.

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