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Our limited production Double Eagle and Panther items are designed for our special Optima customer who wants his or her ride to be top quality, long lasting and safer for many years to come. Our Optima program enables us to provide top quality products and services for serious people who want the best allowing us to spend more of our time each day on specialized and individualized help for each person in this group. It's easy to become an Optima member.


Optima ordering is about a simple as it can be.

Optima customers can order without needing to fill in an order form or checkout online by making a simple one minute phone call
or directly from your Smart Phone. We quickly confirm your order and get it on the way.

We offer three different programs. Optima Standard, Optima Preferred and Optima Preferred Plus.
Please call and we'll be glad to explain the differences.

Optima Preferred customers receive "Special Pricing" so they pay less. You save on your first purchase and even more on
subsequent purchases.

Optima Preferred Plus customers also receive nationwide one price "Flat Rate" shipping meaning you seldom pay for residential
or rural area charges.

Optima customers have access to specialized technical information.

Is your bike a Can-Bus model? We can usually provide you with information or assist in determining your electrical system design.

Need help identifying the exact bulb in your headlight? A simple call and we'll tell you the type. (This service is for Optima only)

If you ever need a copy of the wiring diagram and installation instructions send us a message on the Optima network and we'll
look up the item in your records to make sure you receive the correct model.

Personalized help if you need guidance making an installation or need to troubleshoot something. We'll provide you the time
you need so you're comfortable addressing an issue.

Installing some accessory lighting like driving lights and need some help figuring out how to accomplish the wiring, amperage
or wiring size. Maybe a relay might be required. Even though these devices aren't ours were happy to help Optima customers.
For others and dealership technicians, who sometimes don't read the instructions, wanting assistance with an installation or out
of the ordinary support we charge for this service on a per hour basis because they charge their customer when they call us,
something of which we don't agree as good practice.

Examples of things we like to share.

Wiring procedures document. A number of years ago we produced a document on proper wire sizes, wiring procedures, etc. It
provides some valuable information for the person doing his own installation of motorcycle electrical accessories. This paper is
available to our Optima Preferred customers at no charge. Ask and it will be on its way.


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