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The "Old" (obsolete) Sealed in plastic resin - not repairable

I can't find it any longer. See list below.

The "New" Enclosed in a plastic box - often repairable

1992 - 2002 Single H4 - $145.00
Dual H4 - $170.00
Our original 1991 Starburst Headlight Modulator was ten years before any of the others on the market today. The original size was 3" x 3" x1". It was replaced by our new Double Eagle microprocessor design in 2003 which eliminated all the transistors, resistors and binary counters the others still use today. Our new design is a third of the size and even more reliable than our early models, many of which are still on the road after more than 20 years.

Headlight Modulators are a prime example how we've lowered
prices through advanced technology without sacrificing our quality.

See Headlight Modulators

2003 - 2016 Single H4 - $119.95
Dual H4 - $149.95
Compare to 25 yrs. ago
Dating back as early as the 1980's our original Starlight Driving Light Controller, Firefly Trunk Flasher, Brake Alert, Hot Shot, TailGunner units for the rear signals, SignalGuard and Hazard Flasher have been replaced with our current microprocessor models that include multiple easily selected operating programs allowing it to be tailored to the users riding preferences. The new models range from the Tour Pack Flasher, Freedom Brake Flasher to the Panther 557 BLT units for the rear signals, Turn Signal Cancel and Hazard Flasher. The new models are not only smaller but simpler to install and built to even "higher reliability" standards.

One of the newer designs, Front Running Lights, for the front signals was discontinued in 2015
due to the limited size of the market.
The newer design Hazard Flasher has been discontinued (2017) due to the limited size of the market.
We introduced the Star-Tron which was the very first trailer and accessory isolator on the market in 1988. It was replaced by our new solid state model in 2003 with the size being substantially reduced from 3½" x 5" to a compact 1½" x 3" so it would fit in the smaller spaces and even under the seat on some of the newer motorcycles. Since most people use it solely for a trailer the new model is designed primarily for that purpose. If accessory isolation is needed it requires a separate unit.



Our Amp-U-Tron digital volt/amp/temp meter was produced between 1992 and 2001 for the Gold Wing 1500. It was a sophisticated and complex device in reading actual current (amperage) and voltage using a remote sensor as is done on jet airplanes so the current doesn't flow through the meter. It also read the ambient temperature which was great for monitoring when black ice could form on the roadway. The manufacturing cost in building our LCD display wasn't a mere few dollars. We sold our unit to the motorcyclist for $200. Nothing of this design type or function was produced by anyone else except in the aviation industry which had a selling price over $1000.00. Due to the change in the Gold Wing riding market at the time, wanting cheap parts and accessories, we decided to discontinue production and a design for the GL1800 in the works was also abandoned. There's not a comparable replacement on the market today or in our current product line. The cheap motorcycle suppliers didn't have the engineering expertise to build a real LCD digital meter. This was one of those cases where riders wanted low prices and wouldn't pay for an outstanding product with great features as well as high quality and ended up with nothing. It's an unfortunate truth.

Sorry, for those who've seen one
of these and call us hoping we
might have one sitting on some
shelf they really are long gone.

We invented these items when Harley began changing to Can-Bus and LED headlights in 2011 and spent SIX years trying to make the point our design and engineering sophistication, level of quality and reliability did what others didn't and offered the best value for the money. Our units last a "long" time so they would be purchased only ONCE. We've heard statements and complaints about other brands not operating properly and causing problems with Can-Bus fault codes. This revealed the riders have in fact been buying cheaper stuff on the market that's not designed or properly designed for the Can-Bus application. We simply couldn't sell a well built item for $179 and compete with something for $100 or $120 that doesn't work. We no longer build Double Eagle units for the new Harley Can-Bus and Can-Bus LED motorcycles for this reason.

We got the message and now we're building what you've let us know you want !
The new devices are limited to only a few models. The Ultra, Road Glide, Street Glide are not included.

P Class Line for Harley riders

Windows "Constant Current" 2 amp Dual Channel Battery Charger - 1994 - 1997

A "GREEN" charger before it's time.

This charger kept batteries alive for up to seven years and even woke up those long after their apparent death because it had a true operational window. It would force feed a battery which is only accomplished with a true constant current design. It charged two batteries separately for best results and the charger could be powered by a small solar panel in areas where the electrical grid was not available.

Too advanced at the time and $200 couldn't compete with the cheap $30 black box voltage trickle chargers. We
completely overlooked that people don't understand battery chemistry and believed the false claim a trickle charger was
somehow magic and smart. Our's was a constant current charger and comparable models found today cost around $700.


These items go way back
Starsteps foot rest for GL1200, GL1500 & Yamaha Venture/Royale (also sold to Yamaha Motors)
1987 - 1993
Driving Light Mount for GL1200 and GL1500
1991 - 2000 (stopped with the GL1800)

Our Starsteps offered the greatest comfort for the
passenger because the height was adjustable and
the size provided a good flat surface for foot size. It
also tipped upwards and stowed out of the way.
In 1992 a fellow came up with an idea to build a
foot peg that also stowed but it couldn't compare in
comfort. Of course, he sold it at a lower price. Thus,
we discontinued the Starsteps.

I talked with him, he was a nice fellow, and I quickly
realized he knew nothing about engineering or the art
of manufacturing or foundry work. He had a machine
shop mill every set from aluminum billet. He said he
found it more expensive to build than he first imagined.
In six months time he was out of business. The outcome, riders no longer could find quality foot rests like the Starsteps. It's a recurring story never learned in America.

The high quality metal housing driving lights we sold were the only items not produced by us. They were discontinued in 1999 because the company that built them went out of business due to so many people buying off shore low price over quality. They closed and fired all the workers. The only alternative today is buying lights at an auto parts store made from plastic.


Looking for an item? It may have been out of date and replaced with a newer version or discontinued.

These are part of the permanently discontinued list.
Most recent discontinued items
  Trailer Isolator - Page link Discontinued 2015 (see below)
  Dual H7 (4 bulbs) Headlight Modulator (not Gold Wing) Discontinued 2015

Harley Can-Bus Brake Flasher for Road King

Discontinued 2015
  Driving Light Dual Power unit Discontinued 2011
  Police Interceptor Driving Light unit Discontinued 2011
  Front - Rear Turn Signal Running Lights Discontinued 2011
  Honda GL1800 Spoiler Flasher - (some remaining in stock) Discontinued
Products from the 1980's and 1990's
  Original 1991 - 2002 Starburst Modulator - (use our Double Eagle Modulator)  
  Original 1991 - 2002 Dual Starburst Modulator - (use our Dual Double Eagle Modulator)  
  Original 1990 Firefly 4x4 Trunk Flasher - (Use our Panther Tour Pack Flasher)  
  Original Star-Tron Trailer Isolator - (replaced with solid state Trailer Isolator) ask if a special build is available
  Amp-U-Tron GL1500 Digital Amp/Volt/Temp Meter Discontinued 2002
  Original Starlight Dual Voltage Driving light unit - (replaced in 2003 with new design) ask if a special build is available
  Driving Light Mounts for GL1200 - GL1500 Discontinued 2001
  Starsteps Passenger Foot Rest, GL1200 - GL1500 Discontinued 1993
  Honda GL1800 LED SVI Brake Light unit - (some remaining) Discontinued 2003
  Windows Dual Battery Constant Current Charger Discontinued 1997
  High Level SPL Meter for car audio competition Discontinued 2001


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