The smallest modulator we've ever built. It's made for Metric motorcycles

For use only on a single bulb

Don't be sorry by waiting until it's too late.
Take us serious on this one, if your smart.

Availability and prices are going to
radically change in early 2018
(No, we won't be going cheap)

Single H4 models can
use the Mini-Metric
Single H7 models can
use the Mini-Metric

OUT to bulb



Simple installation,
as fast as 10 minutes.
Connect to either
High or Low beam.

It's only a ¼" in depth (thickness) so it will fit inside even the smallest headlight where there's no room for extra
sockets, plugs or wiring. It's Small in size but Mighty Powerful enough to handle most stock bulbs. It's our
standard Kriss design and our regular circuit board with built in reliability so it will last you for many years.


This modulator could not be sold through a
dealer or retailer for this price. It can only
be offered to you at a factory direct price.



Part # MM24327

Part #MM24327

Not for Can-Bus model motorcycles
Japanese models are not Can-Bus.

Choose the best with a Kriss Headlight modulator.

Increase your visibility in traffic by getting attention of those in front of you, especially the driver with the potential of making a dangerous left turn.
Installation is simple because it's connected to either the high beam or low beam depending on your riding preference. This unit is designed for use on any Halogen bulb in any metric model motorcycle.
No drilling holes for our Light Sensor in your valuable headlight or fairing. Our special IR sensor is also smaller than most. (see below for details)
Our sensor is designed to turn the modulator on and off per d.o.t. rules. Inclusion in the circuit of an adjustment changing light sensitivity set by the d.o.t. is not legal and renders the modulator out of compliance. (see rules)
NO extra switches
mounted on your handlebar or need to remove the gas tank for installation.
It's easy to turn off. Just like all of our modulators it's easy to turn off during the day when it's operating, simply select the other beam.


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Mini-Metric ©
It's dimensions are 1½" x 1½" x ¼"
Maximum rating - 60 watts

* All of our headlight modulators are designed only for use as intended in accordance with the U.S. Government requirements.

Headlight modulators cannot be used on High Intensity Discharge bulbs. Some companies call their Tungsten filament Quartz Halogen bulb HID to make you believe the bulb is
something special. This is a misnomer. (HID uses a high voltage ballast to ignite a gas inside the bulb rather than a filament) See link below

(Not intended for use on Can-Bus models. It's the responsibility of the person ordering this part to understand if the motorcycle is a Can-Bus electrical system to avoid ordering the incorrect part)

Modulation shown is a simulation.
Modulates 240/min. reqd. by d.o.t. (4 times per sec.)
This item is not warranted for use other than intended and within D.O.T (NHSTA) guidelines.

$79.95. subject to change without notice.

Most motorcycles don't have a Can-Bus electrical system. Japanese models are not Can-Bus.
The purchaser should familiarize himself if the motorcycle model is Can-Bus and ordering the correct part.
European brands with Can-Bus are not of a consistent design which often creates compatibility issues.
Heavy duty upgrade is a parts and labor charge and non-refundable.
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