In 2003 we began selling only direct because dealers weren't properly explaining the operation of our devices or the correct model
for specific bikes so people didn't know what they were buying and purchased the wrong item. Then they blamed us for the problems.
After 15 years of dealing with customer installation and operation problems we took sales back in house. Those problems amazingly went away.

Our products are not exorbitant or unreasonable in price but bear in mind they aren't intended for those looking for cheap products
and cheap price. Since they are “top of the line” they are not subject to cost-cutting or other compromise between quality and price.

State of the art 21st century technology

Actual pictures of some of our equipment and people on the floor.

SURFACE MOUNT TECHNOLOGY (SMT) currently used for Kriss Products
Warehouse up to minute tracking
Each member of our production staff has their
own individual well equipped work station.

We have our own engineering design department.

In the past we did some contract manufacturing - High speed wave solder for through hole circuit boards.
This process was no longer used for our own products after we scaled up to SMT.
We stopped providing contract manufacturing for other firms as they were forced to move
"offshore" because their American customers wanted everything cheap. There went the jobs!
We couldn't sell this $100,000 machine. It brought $300 at the scrap yard, a big loss.

Built to the highest of quality standards with
multiple operational programs for versatility.
Industrial rated circuit components.
Highest power rating.

Built to our high quality standards but
designed without the multiple programs
normally found in our other products.
Industrial rated circuit components.




This came from the comment section in an Internet article and blog about American cars and where the parts are made.

Feb. 2017
We copied it because it's what we've been saying for years and felt the author did a superb job stating the case.

Globalization is complex, and most of us haven't made it the subject of research projects. Where domestic manufacturing is concerned, one can imagine simple scenarios that have played out many times over recent decades. How many times has something like this happened?

1) Consumer goes to Home Depot, chooses between $5 wrench made in China, and $9 wrench made in US.
2) Consumer buys cheaper $5 Chinese wrench (multiply event thousands of times).
3) US wrench factory closes due to poor sales, resulting in unemployed wrench factory workers.
4) US wrench factory workers with zero income can't afford $5 Chinese wrench.

5) Chinese company raises price of wrench to $9.


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