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We'd like to take a moment to point out something important. We are well aware we don't have the one feature many motorcycle suppliers are offering today. A cheap price. They don't offer our product features or the same high quality. Maybe replacing something that had a low price every three years or so doesn't seem costly but it is. You're spending money needlessly. Our products prices have been very stable over many years.

Here's a typical example of one of our customers.
He purchased one of our original units for his motorcycle in March 1998 for $110.
He purchased one of our microprocessor design units, for it's new features, in December 2007, about ten years later, for $110.
He purchased another of our units for a 1971 bike he's restoring in September 2017, about twenty years later, for $119.

The point here is today's modulator is only $10 more than twenty years ago. We've done a real good job of advancing and producing the best unit you can buy and kept the prices well below inflation. We hope you will decide to make your purchase with us for these reasons.


This came from the comment section in an Internet article about American cars and where the parts are made.

It was copied directly - Feb. 2017

Globalization is complex, and most of us haven't made it the subject of research projects. Where domestic manufacturing is concerned, one can imagine simple scenarios that have played out many times over recent decades. How many times has something like this happened?

1) Consumer goes to Home Depot, chooses between $5 wrench made in China, and $9 wrench made in US.
2) Consumer buys cheaper $5 Chinese wrench (multiply event thousands of times).
3) US wrench factory closes due to poor sales, resulting in unemployed wrench factory workers.
4) US wrench factory workers with zero income can't afford $5 Chinese wrench.

5) Chinese company raises price of wrench to $9.



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