Some people have missed the point here. When you buy the cheap crap the quality companies

Then you're left with only the cheap crap to choose from. Most people don't even know there's a difference.

We've left the motorcycle industry because we couldn't sell products to people who wouldn't pay a price that reflected it's value. We found it profoundly frustrating in selling to the poor working class. We had some good customers who wouldn't purchase anything other than our high quality products and we're truly sorry we had to leave the market because of cheap people who don't have descent standards.

WARNING! Reading any further may expose you to the truth.

This came from the comment section in an Internet article and blog about American cars and where the parts are made.

Feb. 2017
We copied it because it's what we've been saying for years.

Globalization is complex, and most of us haven't made it the subject of research projects. Where domestic manufacturing is concerned, one can imagine simple scenarios that have played out many times over recent decades. How many times has something like this happened?

1) Consumer goes to Home Depot, chooses between $5 wrench made in China, and $9 wrench made in US.
2) Consumer buys cheaper $5 Chinese wrench (multiply event thousands of times).
3) US wrench factory closes due to poor sales, resulting in unemployed wrench factory workers.
4) US wrench factory workers with zero income can't afford $5 Chinese wrench.

5) Chinese company raises price of wrench to $9.

Here's what follows. Complaints the Chinese are stealing our jobs. This is hypocrisy and self denial. The real cause - CHEAP.


The US could lose its crown as the world's biggest economy as soon as 2020, according to data from Standard Chartered.
Once it falls behind China, it is unlikely to ever regain the top spot, and by 2030 it could also be behind India.


If you miss the point in this article it's no longer about buying American. You've already set in motion the decline of America because most of you are living cheap lives. I'm being brutally honest here. You don't care about your neighbors job. Why should I care about your's? Why should the Billionaires care about you? Each time I look at something in the store "Made in China" I smile and think "I don't support American jobs". You don't! I smile at the news of plant closings, layoffs and firing of employees. None of this affects me any longer.
What you do is blame all of this on others rather than take any responsibility. Making matters worse you Trumplicans think he's going to save you while you sit on your butt and he takes away your health care, cuts your social services like Medicare, Social Security and creates tariffs of which you pay. Dummies! You might be happy living under an autocrat but for me I'm looking for another home in Southern France.

I've sold products and services to Americans for 58 years. Here's three of many things I've learned. Others in the motorcycle field agree.
With very few exceptions;

Most Americans are cheap.
Motorcycle riders can be even cheaper.
Harley riders are the cheapest of the cheap.

For a brief period I gave some consideration to the idea of finding a different market that might support me flying the airplane again for business. Alas, rational thought prevailed. It was apparent I'd need to go after an upscale luxury market meaning more affluent people but this is a very small group. They have about everything they need with exception of new jet, yacht or a mansion in Europe. The motorcycle market, baby boomers, is dying because the riders don't have the resources to buy much of anything and they're literally dying as well which is also a result of poor health. They became obese with diabetes, heart disease, etc. Watch the TV ads promoting the cure all health drugs.

They try to find every way possible to cheat someone or a small business person? Why would I want to continue dealing with the perfidy of an older generation that's also cheap. I DIDN'T want to when I could retire comfortably and avoid the stress and frustration.

This is a good cross section of American dishonesty.
A number of years ago older Gold Wingers were often trying to blame their installation mistakes on me claiming I sent them something faulty. Also claiming the box was missing one of the items ordered or UPS hadn't delivered the item that was left on the back porch (they didn't need a replacement, just their money back). Or, it wasn't him who had ordered something for his motorcycle using his credit card even though it was delivered to his address. We kept track of inquires on a spreadsheet for ten years and realized from the questions most were trying to find out what item to buy from someone else. Amazon couldn't tell them the kind of bulb or which modulator to purchase for their motorcycle so they called us. Really disgusting behavior. In comparison, a young fellow in Fresno, CA. called saying he'd connected a headlight modulator incorrectly on his sport bike shorting the unit and asking to purchase another. This honest young man was one of those Mexican people the older generation vilifies saying they're bad brown people. I sold it to him at 50% off, which was a loss, just because I was impressed with his honesty.


A prominent business CEO once told me a lesson their company had learned.
"Give them what they want and not what they need. We know what they need and it's not want they want!

I'm stepping forward and openly speaking the truth about this country's decline.
This is an important and critical issue. Will it be heard? Of course not!

Don't want to hear it

This is foolishness.

If a company builds a reliable and long lasting device to meet a need and you don't support the product and indirectly their workers the products and company will go away or find another market. Either way you lose. Buying lower quality throw away products from the competitors because it's cheap is not in anyone's best interest over the long term. NO, not everything is the same quality. Buying the same bottle of wine for less is one thing. Buying a cheap brand is not. Just because it's wine doesn't mean it's the same. The guy at the Harley dealer parts said people think everything is quality. Really, this implies their customers are stupid. My personal view is these people have never owned anything of real top quality and don't know the difference. Example, they think the $349 sofa is as good as the $6000 model. Most of you have been destroying your own jobs and refusing to acknowledge this fact with excuses. These same people will never read nor comprehend this article in its entirety and vilify me in their self defense. Just look at what's happening to the stores and malls. None of this means anything to those who care only about cheap. I'll bet these same people are yelling the loudest about patriotism. Some of the real culprits harming the long term viability of our society are those who sell cheap junk simply to make a buck along with those who just can't resist being sucked into the pit buying this junk. It's hard to say how many really care about our country's long term economic viability because of the hypocrisy in the big talk. The general consensus in board rooms is it's too late to turn things around. The jobs aren't coming back. Even more are going to be leaving. Any new jobs have low pay and no benefits. Cheap has prevailed. So, how's it worked out for the country? How's it going to work out for you? This is what you're leaving to your children, grandchildren and beyond. The United States is already starting to become an insignificant country on the world stage. "They did it to themselves."

Yes, this means you !


Here's the empirical data in support of my argument.

The government implemented policies to lift people out of poverty. More than 500 million people were lifted out of extreme poverty and China’s poverty rate fell from 88 percent in 1981 to 6.5 percent in 2012. At the end of 2017 it was 3.1 percent. When I asked, people told me they specifically buy their own Chinese made products in support of their workers and economy. They feel a civic responsibility. I said "wow, what a novel idea". It's working.
U.S. poverty rate was 14.3 percent in 2012. In 2017 it was 12.3, four times that in China. In some areas it's 40%. You won't pay the price for products supporting our own companies and workers. You interpret any government polices to help as intrusion in our lives. Oh my, what the future surely holds. Phony independence, poor and without health care. July 2017 Missouri lowers minimum wage from $10 to $7.70. Very impressive indeed. Bringing back low pay jobs. Just the start. The Chinese act and you just talk.

CHINA - Shanghai
(I've been on these roads, the night lighting is real)


(Many of you live like this)

Maybe there is meaning to the expression, "people get what they deserve and not what they expect".

It just doesn't make any sense people in this country expecting to get paid $25-30 per hour, or even have a good job, and not willing to buy products made here by their own countrymen earning that high wage but rather buying products made by those making 50¢/hr. in the remote
regions of the world, Vietnam and others. Could it be the results of this poorly educated society not understanding economics or simply cheap? I firmly believe this country is slowly becoming one of poor people or people who are cheap and act or live like they're poor. They listen to and believe the propaganda saying we're rich and look in the mirror seeing what they want to see. The Chinese build quality products for themselves and the cheap junk is ordered by and sold to Americans. This is what I call real stupidity.

Members of my family moved to Shanghai for an executive position in video gaming development. I've visited numerous times.
It's vibrant and upwardly mobile like the U.S. in the 1950's. I know because I was in the middle of it in the 1950's and lived it!
The Chinese are proactively looking to the future. Not backward wishing for a past that's never to return. I've lived overseas and see the differences.

Shanghai offers a flourishing lifestyle, especially with a highly educated young demographic.

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