When I see a black woman I stop and thank her for voting.
These wonderful women helped save our democracy.




The problem, Trump's supporters don't have the dignity to admit they're shameful bad people.

Plato noted a particular risk for tyrants: that they would be surrounded in the end by yes-men and enablers.
Aristotle worried that, in a democracy, a wealthy and talented demagogue could all too easily
master the minds of the populace.

Thought for the day:
Donald Trump is obviously an ignorant, lazy, greedy, narcissist. This is exactly his attraction to his
They worship a person with no redeeming qualities whatsoever?
Dean Baker

"Post-truth is pre-fascism, and Trump has been our post-truth president".
Sure enough, he controlled your minds of jello.

This is what happened.


However, if you're someone who wants to save our democracy here is a link revealing our choices.
The American Abyss