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We're a manufacturing company selling our own products factory direct and not a general retail outlet.
We operate our office during regular business hours.

Office Hours:
M-F 0900 to 1600
Except holidays

Office time (live right now) in Arizona
19:42 hrs
Wednesday 7:42pm


or write

If you're a real customer it's important you leave a message if we can't answer when you call.

We are interrupted with about ten robo calls every day on our two main telephone lines. Some leave a message and some don't. We BLOCK both, including unfamiliar numbers, who DON'T leave a voice message from CALLING AGAIN. If you'd like a call back or might want to call us again and get through, you'll know if your number is blocked, be sure to leave a message. It may be out of the norm today to get a call back but we DO contact those we feel are valid callers, sometimes quickly.

We sell/ship only within the domestic United States.





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