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Due to the recent motorcycle market decline some companies no longer exist. We decided to restrict our sales in those specific
areas to the few riders who have the resources to purchase the Double Eagle and Panther items.
They're custom built for you.

2 Points of importance

1. We receive too many calls from riders phishing for product information about what fits their bike and the details
of installing the device. Then the person ordered a similar but cheaper modulator model from someone else. If
you want something with a lower price use our P Class products which are still better quality than the others.

2. We aren't able to provide technical or installation help when you purchase an item on ebay that was built
25 years ago and since been discontinued or replaced. So, it doesn't work? What did you expect!


Many companies competing today in the low end and mid level markets often use a call center because they aren't set up to
specifically take the time in helping you or don't know the answers to your questions. When you call us you'll speak directly with
me. If I'm helping you the next person to call goes to my voicemail. In this event a call back is faster only if you leave a message.


Helping someone with information is, of course, part of business. Some things aren't.


We're a manufacturing company selling our own products factory direct and not a discount outlet.


We ship only within the domestic United States.


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