We're a manufacturing company selling our own products factory direct and not a general retail outlet.

Office Hours:
M-F 0900 to 1600
Except holidays

Office time (live right now) in Arizona
06:17 hrs
Tuesday 6:17am

Did you know?

Many companies offering low cost or mid-level products and Internet sales often use a call center because they aren't set up to
specifically take the time in helping you or don't know the answers to your questions. When you call us you'll speak directly with
me. If I'm helping you the next person to call goes to my voicemail. In this event a call back is faster only if you leave a message.


A Members product
If you want to call us with a question about our limited production Double Eagle or Panther items
please look at our Optima Program (see link above) for information about purchasing these items
and the special services you'll receive which are offered only to members, today and in the future.


Looking for lower cost - Place an order online for one of our competitively priced P Class items.

We're no longer able to provide a link for email because it was misused mostly with requests, even calls, for
what kind of headlight bulb is in my motorcycle. Then the person ordered that modulator from someone else.
This is taking unfair advantage of us and our knowledge then buying from Amazon or eBay.
Simply put - these are ignoble, duplicitous, plebeian people. Hypocrites who sent the jobs to China.

We ship only within the domestic United States.




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