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What makes our hazard flasher unique is a real simple answer. Our modern circuit board design is the same used in the NASA programs that protect against vibration, so it doesn't need to be sealed in resin. Rather than 1970's or 1980's technology that produces heat and is still being used today in low cost products we changed design over 10 years ago to modern technology microprocessor circuits that don't produce heat. With Kriss you're really getting more stable operation, digital control for long term reliability, decades of long life, more power capability, and multiple programs. So you're actually getting 4 different flashers in one. Really no comparison!

See circuit board below next to hand.

Gold Crown

"4" unique digital controlled flash programs you can easily select or change at any time.
With automatic roadside shut off.


Move mouse pointer over either of these boxes to see graphics operation.
Our unit offers both hazard flasher functions.

kriss vtx4


elec switch
Optional flush mounted rocker switch
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What we offer you with Kriss

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Works on any motorcycle with 12 volt bulbs or LED turn signals.

hazard flasher
Increase the visibility of your motorcycle to traffic during those critical times when an extra margin of safety in important by using the turn signals as hazard flashers. Some brands come from the factory with hazard (4way) flashers. You can upgrade your motorcycle with the simple installation of our Hazard Flasher unit. It also lets you choose an automatic 30 min. shut off to reduce the possibility of a dead battery.

Wanted you to know that the hazard flasher I purchased from you is the best addition I've put on my bike. I just finished a 4000+ mile ride and these flashers were worth their weight in gold!! Thanks so much for a great product.
Jeanne G.
Woodbridge, VA


"Dual" Mosfets
We offer dual power control mosfets as standard.
Other manufacturers use single mosfets and
some offer dual as an option. You get the most
rugged circuit when buying Kriss.

"Programmable SMT circuit design"©
There are some important design features that separate a Kriss flasher from the others on the market, especially the cheaply priced units. We use a programmable microprocessor to control the circuit operation rather than the ancient binary counter design. Granted the binary design is much cheaper to build but it doesn't offer different programs that can be changed by the user. Our circuit board design incorporates Surface Mount Technology (SMT) just the like the motherboard in your computer rather than a "Through Hole" design. If you've ever seen an older style circuit board with the component leads bent down and inserted through the little hole and soldered this is through hole assembly. One of the main drawbacks to through hole is that the component leads tend to break when subjected to vibration. Of course we have vibration from the road and other sources when dealing with motorcycles. For this reason it's necessary to encapsulate through hole circuits in a hard resin based material to reduce the effects of vibration. This works well enough but prevents repair or component replacement should the circuit suffer from some minor electrical damage if connected improperly. In effect, these are what's considered throw away products. The resin potting also serves the purpose of drawing heat away from the circuit (heat sinking) which is needed for the transistors associated with Cmos binary circuits. Our flasher lasts much longer, almost indefinitely, because we use a mosfet design that runs cold and doesn't generate life shortening heat like the others. Our flashers are built on the same design as our high power headlight modulators.


Kriss "Easy TouchWire Programming" © (programming internal code is simple, being accomplished at the unit, by touching a wire to +12 volts and doesn't require any external hardware or computer) gives you the flexibility to change to any of the following options. You can choose any or several of these options in combination at any time.
Different Signal Programs.
All signals flashing simultaneously.
Signals wigwag left and right.
Automatically turns itself off after 30 min.
to help prevent a dead battery.
Operate continually until it's turned off.
Will our Hazard Flasher work on your motorcycle. This is a simple answer. Yes - if it has turn signals but not a accessory load equalizer (load multiplier)
Includes all wire terminals and connectors. (switch and fuse not included)
We offer a switch that's optional
since most installers have their own favorites like a handlebar mounted or toggle. (requires 10 amp min.) If you don't have any preference you can use our flush mounted switch.
Original Turn Signal operation is not changed so your signals still work normally.
Everything in one unit. With a Kriss unit you have operating choices that are not even available in the factory installed flashers found of some motorcycles.
This flasher works with incandescent bulbs as well as LED's
Standard bulbs and LED's can be operated by our hazard flasher.
Compatibility with our other products
is not a worry about our hazard flasher.
Does not require
any mechanical changes to the bulbs or housings.
The latest in miniaturization offers a small, totally solid state, rugged unit that will fit easily most motorcycles. It's only 1½" x 1½" x ¾".
Heavy Duty Version - Select this option if you intend on using the hazard flasher for extended periods of time. Eg: Riding in a parade, funerals, etc.
kriss box

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The Kriss engineering design incorporates the latest technology setting us apart from others by allowing the lights to work normally in the event of unit failure.


* Retail $139.95. subject to change without notice.
* Heavy duty upgrade is a labor charge and non-refundable.

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