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Rather than attempt to replace your turn signal flasher with something
unreliable our unit is a separate device. Simple! It Works great!


"4" unique digital controlled flash programs
you can easily select or change at any time

Panther Hazard Light Flasher programs include optional
automatic roadside shut off after 30 minutes.


Move mouse pointer over either of these boxes to see animation.
Our unit offers both of these hazard flasher functions.

kriss vtx4

Be sure to check out customer YouTube video below

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Part #HF5005

BUY with Heavy Duty upgrade
20.00 additional*
(for details see spec's below)

We hear about shop mechanics connecting an item incorrectly or damaging the device. He says it's not compatible or faulty and then he charges you $75 or more. We'll take the time to talk with you and guide you step by step from start to finish through the install so it's done correctly. This will save you the cost of the shop or the repairs to the damaged part.
Our personalized service is
$50.00 retail only $35.00

Add one time install assistance

BUY Optional Switch - 5.95

elec switch
Optional flush mounted rocker switch


Choose the best with a Kriss Panther Hazard Light Flasher.
Choose from different Flash patterns to suit your own riding style.
Increase your visibility
in traffic with a Panther Hazard Light Flasher by getting attention of those following or even in front of you.

Installation is simple because the unit is installed under the seat and attached directly to the turn signal circuit wires.
Microprocessor programming code offers you different Hazard Light Programs

See Specifications

How to get things working properly.



View customers video of Hazard Flasher & Turn Signal Cancel



Please Note: Requires stock turn signal circuit. This unit is not intended to be used on turn signal systems that have been modified with a load equalizer
Our units aren't dependent on high loads to operate. The others available on the market are built for low cost mass marketing and don't use microprocessor controlled solid state mosfet circuits like those used in the engineering designs of Kriss units. They use a load equalizer to create increased load on the factory flashers and make the bulbs illuminate. These load equalizers "multipliers" increase current flow through the bulb filaments and significantly increase power consumption by creating large amounts of heat when the current is wasted directly to frame ground. When a load equalizer is installed your turn signals cannot be used with stock or aftermarket hazard flashers, as part of a security system or with our Panther systems because the high electrical loads applied across both circuits by the load equalizer (load multiplier) will burn up the flasher which isn't covered under our warranty.


* Retail $139.95. subject to change without notice.
* Heavy duty upgrade is a labor charge and non-refundable.
This item is not warranted for use other than intended and not within D.O.T (NHSTA) guidelindes.

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