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Touring models trip reset is next to the cluster.
2014 models trip button is on top of the cluster.

See What is Can-Bus

Harley-Davidson H4 Type bulb "High Beam model"
Not for Can-Bus electrical system

Easiest install Plug & Play modulator built exclusively for Harley-Davidson

Original plug and wire colors match Harley for easy installation inside headlight housing.

Please check the Harley chart
to see if you need the Slim-Jim model.


NO external switch needs to be mounted on your handlebars!
Your stock LOW/HIGH BEAM switch controls the Kriss modulator.




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Part #H45003

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15.00 additional *


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Dyna & Sportster type small headlights require our
Harley "Slim-Jim" model.

The models in the box below do
not use the standard "H4" Harley
modulator shown on this page.

Harley #67864-04A Dual Halogen change kit - use Std. Harley Modulator
shown on this page.



What we offer you with Kriss

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Detailed Product Information


This Kriss unit is what we view as real plug and play!

The wires that connect to the bikes factory plug are spaded. Our unit is used on a number of different bike models which have limited space in the headlight and won't accommodate more than two plugs. If we used a plug instead of spades it would require enough space for three (3) plugs - the original plus two more.
Below is how the Kriss modulator is connected
Std H4 plug
Installation is a simple matter of pulling the original plug from the back of the bulb then connecting it to the Kriss unit and inserting our plug in its place on the bulb. Our wires are 8" in length to give you ease and flexibility.

The original plug is disconnected.
The bulb itself is not replaced.
Well, I just put your Harley Modulator on my bike. It took just 15 minutes. I don't see how anyone with common sense can't install one of these.
Charlie F. - Ultra Classic
Gainesville, FL
Our design of using a plug, rather than the modulator attached directly to the bulb like some other makes, prevents high levels of heat generated by the bulb from transferring directly to the unit and shortening life expectancy.

Your stock LOW/HIGH BEAM switch controls the Kriss modulator.

5¾" headlight
7" headlight

If you have the small 5¾" headlight like that shown on the left please take a look at this page link Click here to read details about the small headlights.

"ISD" Cool Energy Modulation"©
There's an important design feature that separates a Kriss headlight modulator from others on the market aside from our exclusive "Shade Delay". The program code for our microprocessor sets an "Instant Step Down" (ISD) method of controlling the current flow to the bulb. Our circuit design creates a more crisp and brighter modulation because it doesn't waste current with a heat generating delay like those that slowly throttle down the current flow. It's a characteristic of a mosfet (the switching transistor) to get hot when changing state slowly so we put in the additional engineering to make it work fast. When the filament is at peak temperature our "ISD" sets the bottom level with lighting speed allowing the filament to cool naturally according to the design and material of the filament used in the bulb. An obvious benefit is that the filament is not going to be stressed by operating outside it's metallurgical limits. Our modulators last longer because they run cold and don't create life shortening heat like the others you'll find on the market. Maybe this doesn't make much of a difference in the short run but customers who buy Kriss know it means something when their modulator is still running 10, 15 or 20 years down the road.

Kriss "Easy TouchWire Programming" © (programming internal code is simple, being accomplished at the unit, by touching a wire to +12 volts and doesn't require any external hardware or computer) gives you the flexibility to change from our shade delay to instant response to any light changes.
Microprocessor programming includes:
"Kriss Shade Delay"© exclusive in Double Eagle Modulators is designed into the operating code so the modulation is not interrupted during those brief moments when you pass under an overpass or behind a shaded area like a large tree, hill or building. Our modulator in the only unit available with a delay for light changes that's an actual time delay in the software code and not an external adjustment to the light sensor. Adjusting the light sensor simply interferes with the normal shut off and turn on times, established by the d.o.t. regulations, which isn't very useful much less functional.
If you prefer not to use the shade delay because you like instant reaction to light it takes just a few seconds to change the program that's being used.

is built into the standard Double Eagle circuit design because it modulates only one headlight beam and the circuit is independent of the other beam.
The Kriss engineering design incorporates the latest technology and should the modulated circuit fail it will usually operate like a normal bulb and simply stop modulating. If some unusually catastrophic event happens like a major short circuit or overload that damaged the circuit board then you always have the stock direct circuit to the other beam which is not connected to the modulator circuit, that's real protection.

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Bulb Life

Meets d.o.t. regulations so it's legal for headlight use in the United States, Canada and Australia.
Easy plug in unit. Doesn't require that you cut the wires on your motorcycle.
Infrared sensor automatically turns the modulator off at night. It's not legal to operate, even momentarily, at night and we strictly follow the d.o.t. requirements.

kriss light detector
We designed our modulators back in 1992 with an Infrared sensor rather than a simple light detector, like most others today, because IR is much more stable in avoiding false triggering. Sunlight is in the IR spectrum. This has been an original feature of Kriss modulators since 1992 when we were the only company actively manufacturing headlight modulators.

No drilling holes in headlight or fairing to install our light detector.
Here's why we feel it's not good to drill a hole in your headlight housing to install a light detector. In an effort to be fancy others out there use a sensor that's built into a small metal bezel that's installed in a hole with a fastening nut. This requires drilling a hole. We were the only company with modern type modulators in the early 90's and realized early on that drilling a hole in a chrome headlight housing or other surface violates the integrity of the metal and plating setting it up for inter granular corrosion caused by humidity and seen by the subsequent separation of the plating which migrates out from the hole. This is often referred to as blistering of the chrome plating. If you look at the picture on the left of the page you'll see that the design of our detector permits mounting it at the front of the bike and attached to a brake hose, or whatever suits your fancy, with a tie wrap or velcro. Our installation instructions explain how and where to place the detector.

Modulates the high beam. Just like all of our modulators it's easy to turn off during the day when it's operating, simply select the other beam or it can be installed so modulation can be completely turned off..
The Kriss Headlight Modulator will not reduce the life of your headlight bulb.
Fits all Harley models using an H4 type 12 VDC bulb with a three prong plug (except as noted below).
(Vrod uses H7 type, 883 uses Slim-Jim, Fat-Bob dual bulb uses separate model)
Heavy Duty Version (130 watts) - This option is used primarily with higher wattage bulbs than stock bulbs but still works with the lower wattage bulbs. If using stock bulbs the heavy duty modulator is certainly going to be operating with reduced load requirements on the mosfets to help extend operational life.
(Heavy Duty model is an additional $15.00)

The latest in miniaturization offers a small, totally solid state, rugged unit that will fit easily most motorcycles. It's only 1½" x 1½" x ¾".
kriss box
Headlight modulators cannot be used on High Intensity Discharge bulbs. Some companies call their Tungsten filament Quartz Halogen bulb HID to make you believe the bulb is
something special. This is a misnomer. (HID uses a high voltage ballast to ignite a gas inside the bulb rather than a filament) See link below

(Not intended for use on Can-Bus models)

Modulation shown is a simulation.
Modulates 240/min. reqd. by d.o.t. (4 times per sec.)


* Retail $139.95. subject to change without notice.
* Heavy duty upgrade is a labor charge and non-refundable.

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