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Easiest install Plug & Play modulator built exclusively for Harley-Davidson

Original plug and wire colors match Harley for easy installation inside headlight housing.

NOT for Can-Bus models
(see handlebar picture to ID Can-Bus)

If you aren't sure about which modulator to
order you can order and call us. We'll look at your order and confirm or change the item.
Please call right away because orders are sometimes shipped within the hour.

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Item Part # H45003

$139.95 retail



Part #H45003


Part #H45003HD
20.00 additional
Order with Heavy Duty upgrade
for high wattage bulbs over 65 watts *

(for details see spec's below




If you have a small 5¾" headlight as
shown use our "Slim-Jim Model"



No extra wiring to purchase
Fits inside of the headlight

How to identify if you have CAN-BUS

Touring models trip reset is next to the cluster.
Some models trip button is on top of the cluster.
Harley-Davidson CAN-BUS electrical system
2011-17 models on Softail platform.
2014-17 ALL models are Can-Bus.

Choose the best with a Kriss Double Eagle Headlight modulator.

Increase your visibility in traffic by getting attention of those in front of you, especially the driver with the potential of making a dangerous left turn.
Installation is simple because most of our modulators are plug and play and those that aren't the wiring connection is very simple.
No drilling holes for our Light Sensor in your valuable headlight or fairing. Our special IR sensor is also smaller than most. (see below for details)
NO extra switches mounted on your handlebar or need to remove the gas tank for installation.
Microprocessor programming code offers you different Light Sensor delay Programs. Our delay feature is the only one on the market and the only one that's legal. Inclusion in the circuit of an adjustment changing light sensitivity, set by the d.o.t., is not legal and renders the modulator out of compliance. (see d.o.t. rules)
It's easy to turn off. Just like all of our modulators it's easy to turn off during the day when it's operating, simply select the other beam.


Please check out "Circuit Board Details" below.

Long Life Design
We use a plug, rather than the modulator attached directly to the bulb, preventing high levels of HEAT generated by the bulb transferring directly to the unit and shortening life expectancy.





* All of our headlight modulators are designed only for use as intended in accordance with the U.S. Government requirements.

Headlight modulators cannot be used on High Intensity Discharge bulbs. Some companies call their Tungsten filament Quartz Halogen bulb HID to make you believe the bulb is
something special. This is a misnomer. (HID uses a high voltage ballast to ignite a gas inside the bulb rather than a filament) See link below

(Not intended for use on Can-Bus models. It's the responsibility of the person ordering this part to understand if the motorcycle is a Can-Bus electrical system to avoid ordering the incorrect part)

Modulation shown is a simulation.
Modulates 240/min. reqd. by d.o.t. (4 times per sec.)
This item is not warranted for use other than intended and within D.O.T (NHSTA) guidelines.


*Most motorcycles don't have a Can-Bus electrical system. Japanese models are not Can-Bus. Later Harley is Can-Bus. The purchaser is responsible for familiarizing himself if the motorcycle model is Can-Bus and ordering the correct part.

* Retail $139.95. subject to change without notice.
* Heavy duty upgrade is a parts and labor charge and non-refundable.

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