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Special build Headlight Modulators.

These items can be seen on this list.


The Gold Crown Dept. will be mainly for helping those special customers who are professionals, business owners, managers and others who are very busy and and don't have a lot of time to research what to buy. You're someone who wants a cost effective quality device that will last for many years and avoid unnecessary future expense. Gold Crown service is for our Gold Crown members. If you're not yet a Gold Crown Member your can register for Level 1 or we'll set up Level 2 for you when you place an order for one of the Special Build items. This program is not designed for the person who wants only information to compare us against others.

We'll help you by offering special time saving assistance in identifying the part and placing your order. Simple as that, call us and the correct part will shortly be on the way. No need to purchase something online only to find it doesn't fit. In itself this saves you time and money.

Specialized parts like some new Harley Can-Bus models aren't available online to the general or low cost market so it's necessary to utilize our GC service to book the order for these higher value items.

If it's going to take some time doing research we'll take down your information, research as much information as we can on your bike's model and call you back to let you know if something does in fact work on your motorcycle and book the order.

It will be very easy. Call us, or after hours, send us an email letting us know what time to call during our business hours. We'll be ready to go and place your order right then and there. Don't forget, you can still order most of our items directly online if you know which item properly fits your motorcycle and you don't need the GC services.

You'll receive not only special attention in ordering the correct part we'll give you all the time you need. We like getting to know our customers and their needs. We have customers we've called just to check up on a health issue or loss of a family member. Some call it old fashioned but we feel it's a business-customer relationship that shouldn't go out of date.

For limited production parts we'll schedule a parts production date within the same week. If the item has been dropped completely we'll advise right then so you don't need to waste your valuable time.

Extended warranty protection is provided to our GC customers.

Special shipping services - if you're going to be out of town and want your order shipped on a date so delivery is made when you return we can schedule the shipment. Your credit card will not be charged until the order ships.

You'll receive "one-on-one" assistance. We won't interrupt you to answer another line. If necessary we let the other calls go to voice mail so we can return them after we're finished and give that person our undivided attention.

After placing your order if you decide to add another part just give us a call back, providing your order has not yet shipped, tell us what you want and go about your business. You won't have to wait while we make the change on the server. You'll be able to view the addition on the same order confirmation page as the first item.

FedEx Insurance will be waived for Gold Crown Program members on both phone and online orders.

Membership Registration:
GC Level 1 can accomplished prior to ordering something online if you'd like to take advantage of membership services.
GC Level 2 will be set up by our office when you order one of the GC Special Products.




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