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Sometimes people have a hard time getting things to work. It's generally due to a simple problem like the one shown here.

Message 1: June 2015 - The unit does not flash. This is my 4th one from you and they've worked flawlessly, so I'm perplexed.
Taking the headlight assembly out is a big deal, so I'm stuck.
- We advised how to bench test the unit.
Message 2: Sorry , my idiocy.  Hooked up 180 out, duh! Works beautifully as usual. Thanks. Gary

P. S. July 2015 another customer called then his mechanic called. Stated modulator was barely noticeable on his Gold Wing and not acceptable. After lengthy discussion with the mechanic he was positive the modulator was installed reversed (180). The instructions are very clear, but- -

Sometimes companies are blamed for something they're not responsible.
Unfortunately some write something negative on a forum. More than once a person has "insisted" they connected it properly. If they'd called we could have helped solve the problem. But, they don't call, won't leave a voice message or don't listen to an expert and then their mistake is blamed on someone else. It amazes even us the number of ways people have come up with to connect something incorrectly.
We offer one basic rule for getting our products to work. Read the instructions and slow down so you understand each step.

Our promise to you is we test every single item during it's construction. If we made a mistake it would be caught at that time. However, should something arise after it's installed and been working which is a legitimate warranty issue then we're the first to accept responsibility. But, we're sure going to try and assist you in pinpointing the cause which requires asking specific questions to get specific answers which usually exposes the problem. It's easy for people to overlook or ignore their own errors, especially when non-electricians are doing electrical work. They tend to make the same mistake twice. If you don't want spend the time troubleshooting something that may actually work you can always send the unit in for testing by an electrical engineer.

This is what someone complained about so we'd like to address this issue. Your entire site is full of \"signs\" do this, don't do that.

Electronics is not the same a bolting on a piece of chrome and requires definite troubleshooting procedures.  Yes, there are definitely do's and don'ts with electronics and we post them because not all people understand electronics.  We make these points in an effort to help people avoid extra charges when they overlook something.  We try to help people, in most cases we do, solve a problem so they don't send us something that works properly which takes time and labor to inspect.  Please keep in mind we stand behind our warranty but don't test items free of charge when they work properly. We're just trying to be helpful so people don't experience costly surprises.

You can see how reliable our products are on the warranty statistics page.


This is an article we saw on the Internet. It fits with what we've at times experienced and we wondered if others had the same.

“I’m an expert.”

That’s what N. K. Babar used to hear a lot when he sold PC upgrade kits. “Many people think that because they can use a computer to browse the internet, it qualifies them as a PC technician,” says Babar, who now runs an e-commerce company. “They would buy kits from us to upgrade their computer, make a total mess of it, quite often damaging the equipment, then blame us for sending them faulty parts,” he adds. “A lot of people refuse to take responsibility for their own shortcomings and prefer to put the blame on other people.” It is telling that Babar is no longer in the business. With customers misrepresenting the truth and margins razor-thin, how can you blame him? But there’s a lesson for all of us: Don’t claim to be an expert in something you don’t understand. You’ll just end up messing things up.



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