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CBTPx and CBTPnp Models

"5" unique digital controlled Brake Flash programs you can easily select or change
at any time and designed to be fully compatible with the factory stock Can-Bus system .


(TPx) Item Part # CB7869
(TPnp) Item Part #

2016 - We invented this product and spent THREE years trying to get the point across to the Harley riders that this design and engineering sophistication, level of quality and reliability really met their needs. They would buy ours only once - quality does mean something. But we could not build it at the price level Harley riders were willing to pay. We couldn't have large quantities sitting on the shelf for years at a time so decided to custom build when an order came in. Seems they wanted something cheap so they wouldn't buy. So we've given up! American labor does cost more and we don't build in Southeast Asia like the competition. We build here in the U.S. Kriss doesn't need to bring back the jobs. Harley-Davidson doesn't offer this kind of device. Oh, another point, the cheap competition doesn't even build or offer this kind of part. They aren't engineers.
Here's a link to an article why jobs went away and won't return.

#6 flash program is used in movie.
#1 flash program is used in movie.

Display #1

Display #2

CBTPx Model
Flashes the turn signal LED's.
6 selectable flash programs.
This model includes Wigwag program.
CBTPnp Model
All LED's flash including side markers.
5 selectable flash programs.
For simplicity #1 and #2 graphic demonstrations show only continual brake sequence.
See "Operating Info" below for full list of programs.

Choose the best with a Kriss Panther Brake Light Flasher.

Choose from different Flash patterns to suit your own riding style.
Increase your visibility
in traffic by getting attention of those following you
Installation is simple because the unit is connected under the seat directly in line with the tour pack factory plugs.
Operationally controlled through the factory BCM* - the unit utilizes with the factory system after changing the "Body Control Module" brake setting.
Microprocessor programming code offers you different Brake Light Programs. (See list of flash codes under OPERATING INFO)

Please check out "Circuit Board Details" below.




If you use with accessory saddlebag lights the brake function of the bag lights will not operate while turn signals are on. This unit is designed for use on a factory stock tour pack LED light bar. We cannot assure compatibility when used with other aftermarket lighting whether from Harley, Kuryakyn, Big Bike Parts or any other supplier. On the stock Tri glide the turn signal on each fender is also used as a brake light. When the required BCM setting is changed for the light bar unit the brake function of the fender lights is disabled so the tour pack lights become the primary brake lights.


The purchaser is responsible for familiarizing himself if the motorcycle model is Can-Bus and ordering the correct part.
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