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PRIVATE COLLECTION (Limited at the general market level)
If you want to purchase one of these items give us a call. We'll see if it's the right part and right for you.

Double Eagle Products

Headlight Modulators

We're currently limiting both of these product lines to align them within the current market demographics. These have always been our top of the line designs with high quality circuit boards not matched by any of our competitors. They were never intended to compete with inferior products sold at cheap prices. However, seeing the current day overall decline of motorcycle ridership with so many of the older riders being attracted to inexpensive import items, many of which are advertised on the Internet, we felt is was necessary to make some strategic changes. Rather than discontinuing these well known advanced products we decided to reduce our marketing costs and direct our efforts toward returning customers and those able and willing to pay for products of this caliber and quality. This is the reason you won't find them featured up front on our web site.

You can see an overview of these by clicking on either of the logos. In depth details can be obtained by calling and letting us know you're in the market for long lasting quality.

Panther Products
Rear Lighting

Hint: These are high quality items for the person not afraid to spend $120 - $150 or $170 for some of the LED and CAN-BUS models for new Harley's.


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