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We don't exaggerate.

Installed the headlight modulator in my Honda Valkyrie and I must say...when you said, "plug and play" your weren't kidding. My wife, who doesn't consider herself mechanically inclined, could have done this. Product works perfect! I'll be purchasing the 557 Panther Brake and Signal Run Flasher soon.
You guys deliver as promised!

Dave R.
Grand Rapids, MI.


Harley owner provides some feedback on two different bikes.

Had your headlight modulator on my Sportster and it worked great for 7 years and still going when I traded it in. Worked great and never replaced the bulb! (as you have on your site). My new RoadGlide modulator works great, no problem. I have just ordered the new LED lights tonight and when I have them in my sticky fingers I will order your LED Dual Mod from you.

btw, I've posted on the site your web address with the info that you have the best Modulators made, and you have the new LED unit for our bikes.

Gary M.
Florissant, MO

This supports the old saying of "you get what you pay for" and why we say our products LAST A LIFETIME.

I first purchased one of your modulators in 1993 and it was still functioning on my GL1500 when I sold it 16 years later and with almost 200,000 miles of use.  My next was for my 2001 CBR1100XX and it was still working after 12 years and almost 100,000 miles.

When I picked up a very nice 2006 FJR1300, I just wasn't comfortable without a modulator and was very anxious to order one for that bike.
Thank you for catching the duplicate order snafu and for your products.  I'm looking forward to getting a modulator on the Yamaha.

William K.
Grosse Pointed Woods, MI

He liked our forthright approach and honesty.

Yamaha 2007 Virago 1100

Installed Headlight Modulator and Panther 557 Rear Lighting unit. Could never thank you enough. Called not knowing much about these products and you were more than helpful. Even telling me to buy the cheap stuff if that's what I wanted when I questioned something. After you explained the difference I placed the order. I feel a lot more safe now riding and seeing that people notice me better than before. I really believe in safety first and even more so now that I'm a rider.

Thanks for everything,
John M
Deltona FL

Appreciates quality American made products.

Honda Gold Wing 1800

Wanted to tell you Thank you for a good American made product.  Had my local Honda dealer install for me. The service manager had heard of you but had not seen your product. After mine had been installed and all there had seen then different flasher etc, the service manager told me that he had a trike that the owner wanted something similar on his bike and he was going to put your product on it.  Once people see your product, it sells itself.  Again, Thank you for a good American product at a reasonable price.

Bill W
Goodlettsville, TN

Fortunately he survived the accident.


George - I look forward to installing your modulator in my '07 'Warrior' touring Road King in addition to the one I put on the 2012 FLHTCU.  After the disbelief of totaling the '07 (have just finished rebuilding it) into the side of a van driven by the lady who said, "I just didn't see you!" I have found the modulator provides a wonderful peace of mind to temper the added caution.

Thanks and best wishes,
Orlando, FL


We took it upon ourselves to change his shipping from air to ground so he could save some money and receive it in the same time.

Harley-Davidson 2011 FLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited

Thanks George!
LED's are not in hand yet, so no problem. I just felt naked on the streets for the first week on my new Limited, until I received my new modulator and got it installed. I was VERY glad to see Kriss had a modulator for the LED upgrade  I want!  I didn't want to trade better night visibility for poorer day visibility.  With Kriss I can have it all.
Must be something in the water down there in Tucson, J&M always treats me right, too.  :-)
Las Vegas, NV

Hi, I have purchased the headlight modulator and the brake light flasher from your company.

The installation was very easy, and I am very happy with the operation of both units. I have already had several instances where a car has started to pull out in front of me, and then saw the flashing headlight and slammed on their brakes. I receive many comments and questions about where I purchased these units. Would it be possible for you to supply me with some of your business cards, so I can carry them with me and hand them out to interested parties?  Thanks for producing a wonderful product. Thanks again from a much safer rider.

Al M.
Newark, DE
2008 Harley FLHX Street Glide


Another easy headlight modulator install.
Suzuki-2006 Boulevard C50T

Received the headlight modulator unit this afternoon. It took me 3 minutes to install it (and that included the disassembly and reassembly). It worked as advertised right from the start. Thank you.
Doug N.
Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Just wanted to let you know that I received my modulator for my Burgman 650.   It took longer to take the fairing off then it did to install your product.  Strapped it down and tested it out and was done in 30 minutes.   Works like a champ.  I am very pleased with your product.   Now I have to surf your site to see what else I need.

Thanks, Mike A.
Caddo Mills, TX

Another easy Harley-Davidson headlight modulator install.

Well, I just put mine on my bike. It took every bit of 15 minutes. I do not see how anyone with common sense can't install one of these.

Charlie F.
Gainsville, FL
2007 Ultra Classic

This was typical of the life span of our old product line. The new line is already demonstrating an even better record.

Zero defects for 9 years! Great product. The IR light detector just died. I checked the circuit and the modulator works perfectly. Would you please provide the specs on the detector so I can get one locally?
We provided the replacement part for $12.95

Earl P.
Chesapeake, VA

There are some that are not afraid of connecting electrical wires.

Your products were too easy to install!!!!  I was done with the taillight and headlight in 15 min.  I wish I could do an oil change that fast.  Thanks for keeping me safe and SEEN!!!!!

Richard J.
Hazlet, NJ
Yamaha Road Star


I LOVE your headlight modulator

I have been riding motorcycles for 43 years. I ride in Ohio 12 months out of the year - my Gold Wing is never "parked for the season." I have numerous personal experiences in which i KNOW it has prevented someone from "not seeing me" and spared me heavy braking at a minimum, assured accidents, and who knows what other possible consequences. I will never again ride without a modulator - modulators work!

Terrill B -- Live to Ride. BLINK to LIVE!
Utica, OH
2002 Honda Gold Wing

This is what we strive to accomplish.

I bet you only hear from people when there's a problem or question. Well here's a thank you. Not only is your product well made, and included directions easy to follow, but your very quick and gracious customer support answered all my questions before I started the install. I am new to motorcycling, and certainly have little-to-no electrical experience. Your great directions and answers to my questions made the job a snap, and everything's working great. So thank you.

Mark E.
Belleview, WA

We love it when a customer is this happy.

I just got my headlight modulator in yesterday and I put it on in a matter of minutes. I would never call myself a mechanic or mechanically inclined!!! Your instructions and customer service was outstanding!
I have already had co-workers comment on how soon they saw me! Safety First!

Michael A.
Galt, CA

This one includes a little humor.

OK, you guys I'm very disappointed. My older original headlight modulator died a terrible death. I had to replace it and I chose your new rendition. Received in good order, good instructions, clear illustrations, simple straight forward installation. So why am I disappointed? The whole thing was too easy. No options to mull over. You made the installation strictly plug and play. Besides that it's small. No difficulty locating the control unit. See why I was disappointed? You took all the challenging fun stuff out. I hope you keep working along these lines. You've a great product. Keep up the good work.

Tim W.
Berkeley, California

He just made a simple mistake. He returned it for inspection a couple of times. It was ok so we sent it back each time.

yea that's right it works. I did the test you suggested and everything worked, so I started hooking it back up to the bike and in the process discovered that I was hooking the in and out wires on the signal light wire wrong. When I corrected that it worked on the bike too. Please accept my apology for all the inconvenience I have caused you. At least you know what happens when the in and out wires are crossed. Yea, I know I marked them right on the diagram I sent you but that's not what happened in the real world. Thanks for all your trouble.

Don B.
Port Lavaca, Texas

Another regular guy installs our headlight modulator.

Just installed your headlight modulator..a 10 minute job for even a novice mechanic. Awesome safety addition.
Wish I'd known about it sooner.

Cal M.
Camp Verde, AZ

This one is about the best a company can get.

Golly, First you guys send your product out immediately via Federal Express. Then, your stuff is top quality with easy install and detailed directions, ...then, you answer a question (and a good answer to boot!) via email on Christmas day. Gosh, I might have to buy another bike so I can order more from you! You guys really set a great example.

Thanks, John A.
Grants Pass, Oregon

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