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This shows you get what you pay for. It's from a customer in March 2018

My google review of your business - George the owner is one of the most knowledgeable people you will ever find on vehicle
electronics. He is a highly articulate engineer and son of an engineering professor. The brightest and best in the industry.
I Purchased an LED headlight modulator from him and absolutely love it. What's even better is his customer service! Award winning!

(Of course we know this customer but maybe for privacy or because he's a U.S. government employee he didn't list is real name)


March 2018

Here's something we can tell you about our products. Let us start with a fellow with a Gold Wing 1800. He called and said he'd used our modulator on three different Gold Wings and never had a problem of any kind. He wanted to purchase a unit for his new 2018 model with the LED headlight. We looked for him in our database without any success. When asked he said the first bike (used) had our unit installed on it. When he purchased another Gold Wing (#2) he removed the unit and installed it on that bike. Eventually he purchased another Gold Wing (#3) and installed it on that bike. He was impressed that our units don't quit working and wanted one on his fourth GL1800.

What frustrates us is most people aren't looking for something that's the best and will last a lifetime. They're looking for the cheapest price. They don't care if it lasts only a couple of years and will need replacement, which is a waste of money. We've been doing what we do for 30 years and know from experience and reports from riders and dealers which of the other units on the market don't work properly or last very long. This isn't conjecture or a sales pitch on our part. It's the truth. We've just not figured out why people who don't have much money are willing to waste it on what we call "junk". They simply refuse to let us give them guidance and help them get the best and save money over time.

This comment is from a customers email message.
(bold emphasis is ours)

Double Eagle Slim Jim Modulator (plus other models built for the Small H4 5¾" headllights)

September 2017

1. The stacking order of the Goggle search results made a psychological impression, the higher up the better it
appears.  Kisan, Signal Dynamics, Kriss

2. The item cost of the Kisan and the "promise" of plug and play made it first choice.  It did actually work, but it
could not fit in the bucket, and sold on J&P cycles a safe, familiar place. Plug-N-Play went down in flames for me.

3. Signal Dynamics was next by cost, but it failed miserably in the "cut-N-splice" department. They had a YouTube
video link. People put faith in that. Sold by Dennis Kirk another safe, familiar place. The directions were spooky
and worrisome.

4. Kriss was the only reasonable hope left. The higher cost was definitely a factor. It is a Plug-N-Play item for most
bikes, no doubt. The web page had some navigational issues and dead links that began to dissolve my hope that
my purchase was sound. (we were in the midst of a major site makeover and did have some temporary broken
or missing links but that didn't affect the quality of our operations)

5. FedEx came today. Installed the modulator using my mil-spec splices and crimper.  The original connector was
interfering, so off it went.  Put shrink tube on the IR sensor leads, new larger grommet on bucket hole. Works like
a champ. No need to change the default settings.  The craftsmanship really shows on this model.  I noticed
a lot more people (cross traffic) are keeping focused on my approach.  Probably the best safety investment ever. 
I want to be the first to write a 5 star review on your web page.

Our Evaluation

We're glad he's happy and eventually obtained his objective. However his experience reveals a Google search position is not the best way to buy a product. Cost seemed to play into his purchase which all too often interferes with ones judgment. He purchased two items, took time to install one and had to return both which may be a waste of time and shipping fees. Possibly even restocking fees. Finally he took a chance and purchased the best unit on the market which fit properly. Sure, our units may be higher in price but quality and proper fit are what we want to emphasize, NOT cheap price. Sure appears the old saying "you get what you pay for" is still quite true. But, so many people keep trying the same thing of buying cheap over and over hoping for a different result.



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