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Only unit on the market that operates BOTH circuits.

Fits most motorcycles.

"24" unique digital controlled flash programs
you can easily select or change at any time.
See other program selections below in "OPERATING INFO "

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Item Part # BT5500


$239.95 retail



Part #BT5500

Doesn't interfere with normal turn signal operation.
(This unit doesn't cancel the factory turn signals) (See Turn signal cancel unit)

Only 2 of the 24 program choices are shown here

kriss vtx5 kriss vtx6
kriss vtx8 kriss vtx7
Signal lights and brake light flashing when the brakes are applied.
(for demonstration continual flash is shown)

When the brakes are applied during turn signal operation the fender brake light flashes and the selected
signal flashes normally while the opposite signal remains off to avoid confusing those behind you..

Choose the best with a Kriss Panther Brake Light Flasher.

Choose from different Flash patterns to suit your own riding style.
Increase your visibility
in traffic by getting attention of those following you.

Self contained, in one unit, brake flasher and signal flasher. Easily make turn signals operate as running lights,B rake lights or both.
Installation is straight forward because the unit is connected under the seat.
Automatically performs a visual self test each time you turn on the motorcycle.
Microprocessor programming code offers you different Brake Light Programs. (See list of flash codes below in Operating Info)

Please check out "Circuit Board Details" below.





Our Panther units DO NOT use "load equalizers" (load multipliers) which prevent you from using hazard flashers or your security system. See product information below for more details.

NOTE: If your motorcycle has a security system it's necessary to use our Alarm System Isolator. Our Security/Alarm System Isolator removes the added circuit capacitance of signal light accessories when you turn off the ignition switch. This allows normal activation of the alarm system. The isolator is sold for $29.96 when purchased at the same time of ordering the Panther unit otherwise it's sold separately for $39.95. (sorry, no exceptions)

Please Note: Requires stock 12 volt turn signal circuit. This unit is not intended to be used on turn signal systems that have been modified with a load equalizer.
Load Equalizers are NOT USED or required with Panther units. Our units aren't dependent on high loads to operate. The others available on the market are built for low cost mass marketing and don't use microprocessor controlled solid state mosfet circuits like those used in the engineering designs of Kriss units. They use a load equalizer to create increased load on the factory flashers and make the bulbs illuminate. These load equalizers "multipliers" increase current flow through the bulb filaments and significantly increase power consumption by creating large amounts of heat when the current is wasted directly to frame ground. When a load equalizer is installed your turn signals cannot be used with stock or aftermarket hazard flashers, as part of a security system or with our Panther systems because the high electrical loads applied across both circuits by the load equalizer (load multiplier) will burn up the flasher. Anyone who's installed a load equalizer under his seat knows about the heat they generate. HOT! Hot enough to take off your fingerprints. We don't recommend them but they are cheap and this appeals to most people.

(Not intended for use on Can-Bus models. It's the responsibilty of the person ordering this part to understand if the motorcycle is a Can-Bus electrical system and order the correct part)


*Most motorcycles don't have a Can-Bus electrical system. Japanese models are not Can-Bus. The purchaser is responsible for familiarizing himself if the motorcycle model is Can-Bus and ordering the correct part.

* Retail $239.95. subject to change without notice.
This special order item is NCNR. (non cancelable and non returnable)

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