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sportster "thin" model 5¾" light
3 socket H4 plug

Works on 2011 - 2017 Can-Bus models with an H4 type incandescent bulb

Built exclusively for Harley-Davidson
Original plug and wire colors match Harley for easy installation inside headlight housing.

Not for LED headlights

Offers all of the features in the Modulator from Harley-Davidson but it
doesn't need a separate handlebar switch AND installation is easier
because it's inside of headlight instead of under the gas tank.


Our unit doesn't require a big switch on the handlebar

Sportster, Dyna Series, Softail Breakout, Street models, etc.
Small H4 5¾" headllights - ( A smaller size for Sportster, etc. )

No adaptor plugs or wiring
harness to buy. Simple
Plug-and-Play by itself.

Part # FT45238sc

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Increase your visibility in traffic by getting attention of those in front of you, especially the driver with the potential of making a dangerous left turn.
Installation is simple because most of our modulators are plug and play and those that aren't the wiring connection is very simple.
No drilling holes for our Light Sensor in your valuable headlight or fairing. Our special IR sensor is also smaller than most. (see below for details)
Our sensor is designed to turn the modulator on and off per d.o.t. rules. Inclusion in the circuit of an adjustment changing light sensitivity set by the d.o.t. is not legal and renders the modulator out of compliance. (see rules)
NO extra switches
mounted on your handlebar or need to remove the gas tank for installation.
It's easy to turn off. Just like all of our modulators it's easy to turn off during the day when it's operating, simply select the other beam.



Most motorcycles don't have a Can-Bus electrical system. Japanese models are not Can-Bus.
The purchaser should familiarize himself if the motorcycle model is Can-Bus and ordering the correct part.
European brands with Can-Bus are not of a consistent design which often creates compatibility issues.
Heavy duty upgrade is a parts and labor charge and non-refundable.
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