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(Yes, I grew up in Arcadia, California)

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Learjet pilot in Tucson, AZ

A brief synopsis from my days as a professional pilot.


Some detailed information - my background encompasses over 30 years of flying experience including the position as a corporate pilot operating turboprop, turbojet and turbofan aircraft. Extensive world wide experience includes Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The western hemisphere includes North and South America. Operated a King Air 200 and a Learjet 25 for the Northrop Aircraft Company while living in Daharan Saudi Arabia for three years in the 1970's. After return from overseas in 1980 I flew a Learjet a short time for the guys who owned and crewed the Double Eagle balloon that made the first Atlantic crossing. I joined the Learjet Corporation in 1980 at the Tucson facility. After ferrying a Learjet to Geneva Switzerland in the 1980's and a brief stay I then did some crew training in Sao Paulo Brazil. The owner in Switzerland used the Learjet between his home base in Geneva Switzerland and France, the United Kingdom and Canada. The Learjet in Brazil was used in country as well as other South American countries, the Caribbean and to the United States.

The 1980's were spent with the Learjet factory in Tucson Arizona as a Factory Marketing Demonstration Pilot. These duties included corporate transport, company representation at aviation conventions like the Paris Air Show or the National Business Aircraft Association. Many times it was necessary to fly a customers trips and assist the company officials while their crew members were in ground training at Flight Safety. An important aspect of our job was the training of customer crews including Air Force C-21 pilots. Some of my collateral duties included occasional production flight testing which included stall flights and aircraft certification. Support of the marketing department required transporting corporate executives of companies interested in purchasing a new airplane, or fleet, as well as Heads of State. Often we operated in and out of diverse airports and remote locations that a routine flight operation may never experience. I've flown the Learjet into airports located in narrow valleys in the Swiss and Italian Alps as well as dirt strips in other countries. North Atlantic and Pacific crossings were often included in flights originating or ending in the continental United States. One assignment in 1985 covered Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Spain and lasted for one month.

Our duties occasionally included test flights of experimental or new production aircraft. These airplanes ranged from conventional to all glass (EFIS) cockpits and flight test procedures involved all realms of flight including both ends of the flight envelope to insure the aircraft met the FAA safety standards for pilot operations and passenger safety. We even flew "experimental" planes beyond the high speed limits. One flight that was certainly out of the realm of normal was demonstrating some special target tow equipment to the British Royal Air Force and simulating a Dog Fight with an F-15 and a Lightning over the North Sea. All of these very different aspects of our work gave us the chance to see and learn how to handle a jet airplane at its' extremes of the envelope. The job with Learjet gave us an opportunity to fly with and share time with some very well known people which included, for myself, the FAA Administrator, Neil Armstrong and others. The experience gained in those early days with Learjet was something that was priceless and gave us a depth of knowledge about the Learjet airplane and the flight testing of jet airplanes that today's pilots out flying the line will never experience. This type of flight certainly keeps one knowledgeable, respectful and understanding of an airplanes limits. It develops confidence in the airplane.

I began experimenting with long range operations while living in the Middle East and this eventually became one of my specialties. I formulated a long range profile for the Learjet 55 prior to the publishing of the Pilots Manual in 1982. This profile was used by some of the Learjet pilots who had access to these numbers. However, they were not widely published out of concern that the attention to the scope and detail required more than that of normal pilot activities on a daily basis. The president of the company and myself achieved six world records in 1983 that were recognized by both the Federation Aeronautique Internationale and the National Aeronautic Association of the United States. These included Los Angeles-Paris-Los Angeles in a Learjet 55LR. On a separate occasion in 1982 I conducted the first nonstop flight in a standard Learjet 55 from San Francisco to Honolulu. I left Learjet as the Senior Captain in 1989 and continued residing in Arizona after Learjet was sold and operations were moved to Kansas.

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FAA ratings- ATP ASEL, ATP AMEL, Com'l Glider,
G1159 (Gulfstream) type rating, LR (Learjet) type rating,
CFI-A&I, A&P Mechanic.

Experience --------------------to the nearest 1000
Flight Time ----------------------------- 13,000 hrs +
Total Jet ---------------------------------- 6,000 hrs +
Turbine------------------------------------ 8,000 hrs
Learjet factory instructor -------------- 1,000 hrs
Total instructor time------------------- 5,000 hrs
King Air 200 ----------------------------- 2,000 hrs
Twin Cessna ----------------------------- 1,000 hrs

I considered doing some flying in 2001 and invested in the
training to meet the currency requirements but after the
Sep. 11 attacks aviation was mostly reduced so this idea
didn't work out and was abandoned. It turned out aviation didn't recover for a number of years.

Flight Safety PPE Learjet 20 thru 55 (61.58 12/24 month)
and Part 135.293 & 135.297
August 2000

Simuflite PPE Gulfstream III (61.58 12/24 month) and
Part 135.293 & Part 135.297
March 2001

Simuflite Gulfstream II differences (Part 135.293)
June 2001

Emergency & Water Survival training
March 2001

CL604 Second-in-Command check.

In 1995 I purchased a 1976 Cessna 421C for travel
to conventions and sales trips for my small electronics
manufacturing company that was founded in 1988.
A result of the 2003 recession and then the Great
Recession it sat for 15 years. After considerable
expense and a years work getting it flyable it was
finally sold in 2018 and I retired the same year.cessna 421 -1
cessna 421 -2

cessna 172
Those from my years in the Van Nuys area will remember my
Cessna 172 purchased in 1971. I overhauled the engine, installed the new interior and painted it in 1975. It was again refurbished including new paint in 1993. It sat for 20 years so the avionics was obsolete and unusable. It was sold in 2018.


This web page replaced the business web site. For those who know I started a small electronics manufacturing company in 1988 I'm very pleased to say my retirement in 2018 freed me from the complexities dealing with sales to a market where quality wasn't valued. I've always had difficulty with those who only want cheap. Everyone chooses how they want to live, I chose quality. It was much different than working in the cockpit of a jet airplane with professionals.


My retirement allows me to enjoy my home of over 40 years with great projects and care of the landscaping.

Staying home during the pandemic was not difficult. No inconvenience as I started preparing in 2016.
I purchased refrigeration and freezer equipment in 2015 and began stocking my service pantry. I'm sure people
thought I was crazy when saying I'm getting ready for the pandemic. Goes to show, don't bet against George Kriss.

kriss-front yard

My Truth - (I'm glad to share this in the hope it saves some poor fellow. One man I knew, she drove him to suicide)
After many years of a good life with some mistakes and some not so good choices I have only one major regret.
I lacked the wisdom and failed to choose "a phenomenal woman". Yes, the meaning is just as it sounds.

My first wife wasn't at all bad. I learned the hard way alone is much better than a bad one or a really bad one, which I did
with terrible results. In 1974 she manipulated me into marrying her and would say she knew I'd leave her one day if I found
someone else. I was clear about not wanting a child. She had pulled the following trick on her previous husband that she
eventually pulled on me but he managed to escape without paying any child support. She never went after him, maybe
because she figured I had better potential. I was really naive, and stupid, not realizing a woman with such a selfish,
dishonest, and of poor moral character would pull the same thing on me. She had pushed me to adopt her children.
I didn't so she adopted her other plan to trap me in supporting them. She was mendacious and duplicitous to the level of
intentional entrapment. What a disaster this was in 1977 when my career advanced, finally getting
that really good paying
job, and having a wife who's been on the pill for a number of years who surprises with "I'm pregnant". What? How? You're
on the pill!
"Oh, I stopped taking the pill". She was of the age that can produce a defective child, which eventually cost
me a great deal of money over many decades. Even more bad things were to come. You guessed it! In 1982 on Dec.7th,
an infamous date in history, Oh surprise, she was finally served with divorce papers. She was and still is a really BAD one.

In 1986 there was one memorable young lady in Toledo, Ohio I met, spent some time with and should have
brought home but trepidation and dumb prevailed. I never found another or forgot her, even to this day. Maybe
it wouldn't have worked out but just the thought of her is much better than that terrible experience I've gone through.

Some truth for you guys about your neurotic girl friends.

Be honest, many American women are money grubbers.
The older they get the more dangerous they become and use dating
sites as hunting grounds, which I know to avoid from horror stories.

American women can be manipulative selfish spoiled brats.
My neighbor calls them 'Bankers". A good one will be with rare exception.
It's up to her to prove she's honest and a keeper.


George H. Kriss

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What the Berlin Wall and being behind the Iron Curtain taught me.