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We offer you unique modern day state of the art designs using both single and dual microprocessor circuits.
Miniaturized circuits that use virtually nothing in added electrical load and don't produce heat so they last longer.
Software programs with operating sequences found only with Kriss - you can easily select or change programs at any time.

Kriss is the original in design and manufacturing of high reliability motorcycle safety electronics and lighting products. Our motorcycle safety products include headlight modulator, brake light flasher, trunk and tour pack light flasher, spoiler flasher, brake and running lights for turn signals, turn signal cancel unit, hazard flasher, driving light controller, police pursuit light unit, trailer electrical isolator and accessory electrical isolator.

Sometimes we like to tell others about a great piece of software. We now use this program for our network backup. It can also be used between two computers. It's terribly easy and will pay for itself many times over if you ever crash.



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