Is my domain name I've owned since 1995 for sale?

When I sell, it will be available only to someone willing to pay the appraised value who's in a country that supports freedom and
democracy. Sweden is one of the democratic countries in Europe where someone has inquired and these have an advantage
over one teetering on autocracy.

Send me an email so your name can be added to my list.
I will acknowledge your email and advise of availability when appropriate.
Thank you.
(see below for address link)

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This web page replaced the business web site when I retired. For those who know I started a small electronics manufacturing company in 1986 in addition to being a pilot I'm very pleased to say my retirement from business in 2018 freed me from the complexities dealing with sales to a market where quality wasn't valued. It was a much different experience than working in the cockpit of a jet airplane with educated professionals. I've always had difficulty with those who only want cheap. Everyone chooses how they want to live. We all hope to live long lives so it seemed a good choice as a young man to spend it in the pursuit of quality rather than living a life of cheap. Now that I'm away from the retail market I ask that you respect my privacy and please don't ask for information about your Gold Wing or Harley motorcycle products.
Thank you.




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